Thinking of commissioning art for "Life as a Lich"

I am thinking of commissioning some drawings (black and white, line drawings) for my new WIP, “Life as a Lich”. The usual artist I worked with seems overloaded with many projects these days (I seem to be outpacing her, as I have a long list of other things I want her to draw for me…). Anyway, so I am starting to think about finding another artist to work for the interior art. Not sure if there is anybody in the forums who would be interested? (theme is undead, zombies, skeletons, etc).


Hold on I may know an artist, used to work for A24 but they got hit badly by covid and had to lay a lot of people off. Let me check with her and see.

I’ve messaged her… she’s @pk_kenziebugg at instagram if you want to look at samples and whatever else.


Hi, I’m concept artist, maybe we can fit each other.

For cooperation
Telegram: @interweave_visual
Discord: sen_tidn#6381

This is my post with more info about my service

Hi! I’m a digital artist who does a lot of black and white linework/scratchboard art. Feel free to check out my artstation and message me if it looks like my style fits.
My account is new, but I’ve lurked on and off for years.

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@LiteralEden Very cool stuff. I’m writing lots of horror stories and I think your vibe fits so I might reach out to you in the future.

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