If you ever need game art with very few pictures/illustrations

/I am sorry I ramble/
Hi, sorry I am a poo and have disappeared for a year and left all my games to rot, but my GCSE exams came up and I found myself with no time to do anything for ages without feeling like a failure of school D: (I had to catch up from a D in art coursework to an A)
I checked back recently, because now my exams have huge gaps in between, and I felt like I had to do something recreational and that I enjoy in between my revision because I felt that I was going crazy or worse. C’:

Soo, when I checked here and saw people’s amazing art, I remembered that I actually liked art once, before the GCSEs and since I have no ideas of my own because I am not very creative in that way, I wondered if I could illustrate people’s work on here, perhaps? Because that would be so fun and whee yay! :smiley: if anybody wants me of course XD

I draw and paint relatively quickly, although I am not very professional (I am scruffy), but my computer stuff are pure trash, so if you don’t like traditional methods art, I am not your man. But as painting is time and effort consuming and I also have exams, I may be unpredictable (timewise) and also I will not be able to do too many.


– I can only work from observation btw! :frowning:

I don’t think I will carry on the writing, because firstly I am a hideous writer and also there is too much commitment and it’s so time consuming D’: painting doesn’t take so long and theres no such thing as painters block cx so Erm :o if you are interested? :slight_smile:

amazing range of art you have. I may need something later since my friend is more of a people drawing person I may need background type drawings

Finally someone with talent and depth; something besides anime reproductions.

I like them :slight_smile:

i would need some not right now but within July… well if you are good at drawing horror and violence

@kkuomi I love your first few listed above!! They are amazing, and I found myself sitting staring at them making up characters and stories to go with them! This is particularly odd for me since I normally dislike any drawings/pictures that lack colors quite strongly! And @ADNox I, too, am glad to see something other than anime. I have nothing against anime, but I really just don’t like that style of art. It annoys me, but I’m not quite sure why.

I would just like to say your drawing are very good and even if they were anime style they would still have talent and depth.

Oh wow, these are really good! I am simply just blown away by the detail and the quality of your drawings!

I may or may not request a drawing sometime soon, but I really just want to say these are really amazing! :slight_smile:

This is incredible!

I know of myself that i also can do these but i just don’t have any motivation or anything

But still very good

Thank you all for your kind words, and also I know the quality of the photos aren’t very good, because I don’t have a great camera, but I’ll probably borrow one of my friends, who is a hobbyist photographer to take a photo of its for a game c’:

@hyperguy I love horror, but I can give violence a go? :slight_smile: What type of horror do you mean? Like zombies, vamps etc? C: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/061/4/7/wolfman_by_kkuomi-d5wpy55.jpg

I have only really done animalistic morphy horror before, but I can give it a go :smiley:

*cries in amazement* Those are like really awesome! :smiley:

@vampirekid222 thank you! C: I’m so glad you like it! Quite a lot of people find my style and genre kind of weird XD

Like your paintings/drawings/sketches.

that is awesome but need like different monsters, monsters that i made up in the story

@hyperguy I can give it a go! I’ve never really drawn a lot of that type of thing before, I usually stick with people,but I’ll give it my best shot! :smiley:

Erm, does anybody need anything right now? :smiley: like anything, doesn’t have to just be game stuff C;

Hunch-backed mass of shadows, claws, red eyes, indistinct facial features? Essentially a demon.

no more like ripped mouth, blank sockets, crooked neck

@hyperguy sounds like the crooked man

crooked man? is it something like slenderman?

@hyperguy I guess… I think slenderman is kinda lame personally I find most creepypasta killers are pretty lame. It’s just a tall guy in a suit with no face it’s not really scarey.