Emergency, interest check for sketch art commission

Hello Everyone… first of all nice to meet you guys. Im known as the artist for Totem Force, Unearth Your Gays, and some other games’s art (not to mention the long overdue art of Triaina Academy… unfortunately this past few years hasn’t been easy for me and i barely got time to draw more art.
That being said just when im trying to squeeze a bit more time to work on my digital art work list… somehow, out of the blue my laptop just decide to stop working, it just died without any particular obvious reason… i have no idea what is wrong, its just refused to be turn on, the charging indicator lamp (i dunno what it was supposed to be called) aint working either…
i’ve been thinking of opening traditional sketch art (im not sure i could take more commission on digital art one obviously), to earn enough money to fix my laptop so i could get back to work on my previous commission and make more fanarts… would anyone interested in that, tho?
Or maybe… just maybe… i could offer to color it in digital once my laptop has been fixed ? (ngl Im not so sure at this point tho)
Would that be interesting for anyone?
Ohh… sorry but i haven’t taken any picture for sample yet, im just checking first before i decide to take this course… but you could check my digital sample one on My Ko-fi page here…
Anyway sorry to bother you guys with this problem of mine, have a nice day (◍•ᴗ•◍):heart:


Oh hey! Your artsyle is perfect for the game I’m working on. I think the traditonal angle would work very well, and there’d definitely be enough time for it to be coloured in digitally. I’ll put in a commission once I get paid at the end of the month. What are your rates?


Hi @Leinco , i’ve seen your wip thread before and ngl it sounds interesting i just haven’t got the chance to check it out yet… thank you so much for your interest, honestly im still unsure about what price i should charge for it yet considering i usually offer a digital one bfore, that’s why im checking the interest about it first :sweat_smile:
That being said, Is it alright if we discuss it further privately later to come to an agreement ? I just want to make it fair for both of us :smile: .
once again thank you for your interest, i honestly kinda doubt anyone would be interested :sweat_smile: (thanks to my pessimistic brain)

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Hey! Your arts are incredible!

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Thank you (◍•ᴗ•◍):heart: