Opening Character Art Comission (2-3 slot available)

Hello Everyone… first of all nice to meet you guys. Im known as the artist for Totem Force , Unearth Your Gays , The Onryō of Osaka, and some other games’s art (not to mention the long overdue art of Triaina Academy

for more detail about unfinished batch of Triaina Art (in case anyone have concern about it) :

NO!!.. IM NOT ABANDONING THEM im still slowly working on them one by one…
in 11 August 2019 i was opening an emergency comission with a pretty low prices for a highly detailed character art without realizing that i was just biting more than i can chew, in an act of desperates attempt to pay my hospital debt i took a bunch of 18 waist up character art with a pretty low rate ($15 each)… dont take me wrong, im not blaming anyone but myself for my recklessness (which is why im still firmly decide to work past my backlog list of Triaina art instead of canceling the comission and paying back his advance payment, Leo is kind enough to me to be lenient instead of accusing me of scamming him, and said i could take my time on it eventho i basically leaving him MIA for years) so far i have complete 8 lineart and 3 full rendered art, and 1 half rendered art. but considering how little time i could sit myself and focusing in front of my laptop to work/draw… its such a slow progress to get past all of it) the last time i work on them was in 2021 and ive been taking hiatus on doing digital drawing for nearly 2 years… the reason for it was something im not comfortable enough to disclose in detail (im sorry)… short summary of some of them (beside the covid case)

  • im living alone in 2019 which makes me have more time to work on art
  • i have to come back to my parents house at the start of 2020 to take care of them and my lil sister which taking more of my daily life time
  • since my parents quite old i have to fully take care of the house chores and such like taking care of my lil sister education, managing the administration file and such when she have to apply for her Junior High School
  • managing monthly bills like electricity, water, gas, etc (not to mention that i just become unemployed to take care of the house)
  • i also have to manage our daily food like doing grocery in the morning after taking my lil sister to her school, preparing food for my family (cooking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and my lil sister packed lunch)
  • another house chores like cleaning the house, doing dishes and such
  • not to mention dealing with family drama for my mentally abusive parents (the reason why i leave the house in 2019 and living on another city away from them) which taking a lot for me to stay sane
  • around 2022 my mom took a turn and make a mess of our life, she ended up diagnosed with bipolar and mentally unstabled state.
  • forgot to mention i also have to deal with my parents debt on top of it (dad never pay the monthly bill for years and caught in indefility, mom taking a bunch of debt from bank and loan shark, lil sister got neglected since i left the house (and yes it was me who usually take care of her since birth she basically said im more of a parent figure for her than her own parents)
  • there are a lot more i couldnt mention which ended up taking me to a dark places and makes my life feels too much of a burden, i was considering to end myself in 2022 (unfortunately not my first attempt considering how tiring it was to live under my parents abusive tendency)…
  • it tooks me a while to get a grip on myself, but i decide to keep on living my life in hope it get better, not to mention i hate the thought of burdening other people by taking the easy way out, i still owe Leo his Triaina art, and my lil sister still need me to keep on taking care of her, and i dont know what will happened with this house if theres no one to take care of it
  • im not talking to any professional yet but talking with some close friend online does help quite a lot in sorting out my thoughts.
  • im stable enough now to deal with my daily life in this house, and im planning to stick with it until my lil sister graduated from her high school in around 3-4 years in the future. in my vision she will be old enough to taking care of herself then so i could get my rein back to focusing on my own life

Long story short im slowly getting back on drawing digitaly since 28 march this years, and lets be honest… i couldnt fully work on my backlog without earning any income for my living cost while im at it, so hopefully by taking another comission alongside my overdue list i could get through all of it. and please dont worry and thinking i will neglect your commision, i will give my best to finish it within 2 weeks - a month (depending on the complexity of it). you could talk more detail with me if you decide to take my service offer :smiley:

Im thanking all of you for even considering reading all this stuff, thank you…

im opening character art commision for like 2-3 slots (for bust up sketch and bust up color), you could find more of my samples here :
and i will post my commission sheet here :

sorry for the long post, and please contact me if you are interested… thank you <3


So you are accepting payment for commissions when you still have commissions you were paid for four years ago that you have not completed?

I can appreciate that your circumstances have been very dire by the sound of it, and I hope they improve. But the right thing is to honor your prior obligations first. Especially because it doesn’t exactly bode well for anyone making a big ask of you now; they would have to wonder if they would end up being pushed down on the priority list themselves down the line as you are doing here.


Yeah thats what ive been thinking… it would come across to anyone as untrustworthy of me… but the circumstances is bleak enough for me to not earning money for food and any living necessities for my family… which is why i decide to be honest with my circumstances and my negligence… as i said above im not going to abandon my past paid comission… and out of necessity (not to mention its impossible for me to find stable job that requires me taking like 9 hours or more out of my daily time to take care of the house) i decide to accept a few comission for some payment while also working on finishing my past overdue commission along the way until i can get past all of it (finishing all it).
I hope this clarify th concern you mention above :slight_smile:
It is not my intention to scam anyone out of their money. I just dont want to borrow or owe money to anyone freely without any work from my side and prefer to earn it by my own effort…

Just to clarify… i already finish some comission and half of the character concept and lineart of it before i have to go MIA for nearly 2 years (and by MIA it doesnt mean i just went poof vanish without any clarification, i already discussed it with the concerned party before i took my leave)