Artist Making Free Artwork For Games

Hello, all! Since Thankgiving break has started I now have time to focus on art again, especially since I will be painting some murals in January. I love choice of games and I want to lend a hand to those who need art or concept art for their games, free of charge. Click here for my tumblr and you can also visit my Instagram, ArtsByAri to see some of my sketch work. Please reply to this topic if you are interested.


Please could you modify the title. It sounds like you are selling yourself instead selling your art skills. I was about to flag you for indecent spam … please change it.


Yeah,I gotta agree with @poison_mara on this one.

I took the liberty of changing the title.Hopefully,it looks more professional now.

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I think the Free was important and you removed that so I went and made a different title. I suspect the wording was as it was previously because there’s a character limit in titles.