Free art (yes, seriously)

As the title says.

I just wanna practise more and get more work under my belt so yeeh.

What I can do:

  • Character design/art
  • Weapon designs
  • Scenery/background art
  • Graphic designing
What I will NOT draw

Religious imagery

Please note that since I’m doing this free-of-charge, I’m gonna be a bit choosy with what I draw.

Feel free to send multiple requests tho!

Oh and my style is anime, with a big emphasis on colours. I can do monochrome art too


Character art:

Weapon designs:


More examples can be found here:
Th art gallery
Meow’s Carrd


Also the cat is cute!

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I like your style, and I love the way you use color!


Thanks but I’m curious: Which cat?

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Thank you!
Colour is my absolute favourite aspect of art


Can you draw a stickman with a funny hat?


U got a really cool style. Like it


Really like the little “Meow” watermarks you add to your work. I notice that they sometime compliment an element of your art as well. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been drawing?


Thank you! I try to place my wm so that they blend in with my pieces and while still being noticeable (+ not easily removed)

Hmm, according to Ibis at least, sometime in 2021, but I think it may be a bit earlier? More or less.

Though, 2021 is when I started doing comms I think.

But drawing in general…
Maybe when I was 13? I’m 17 now

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It’s interesting to see how your style differs with the imagery. For example the weapons while still anime style are a much more static style than the characters. Was that intentional or just natural?

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I’m just gonna assume that means my weapon designs don’t have much movement? In which case, yes, it was intentional.

Since they’re weapon designs, I was more focussed on conveying the exact image/ look I wanted for the weapons. Also, in general, I think most designs sheets are static, yes? Correct me if wrong.

As for the latter, they’re more character art since they already have completed designs. Hence I could more freely intrepret the character and focus more on other elements for the piece

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Yeah I did mean that they didn’t have much movement I just thought it was interesting because the inanimate object aka weapons where drawn with little moment. And then the characters being more alive having more free movement in contrast is cool. I also feel the one background/landscape picture has more movement than the weapons and less than the characters. I just like how your style reflects the actual movement of the focus of the pictures.

Also sorry for the long winded reply I’m an artist myself and tend to gush over others works I find interesting.

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You’re good! I like interacting with peeps and thanks for thinking so lol

As a Pokémon fan I would love to see images of:

  1. Ampharos playing an arcade machine.
  2. Relicanth in a public park fountain.
  3. Cinccino sitting on a plush throne in regalia.

Just wanted to post here for anyone considering - @MeowMeow422 sent me some art and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s exactly what I asked for and beautifully done. Highly recommend, if you’re thinking of giving this a try!



Sorry. Took a while to decide on the hat. Anyways, here is your stickman in a cheesburger hat


Oh, and I’ve been trying to animate.

First attempt:
Second/ latest attempt:


If im being honest, the chara and weapon style is not my cup of tea… But the scenery… God dam… Gorgeous… Hope there will be someone that like your work and do collaboration with you :grin:

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Cheers mate! How about some basketball art? Get a little practice with some more unorthodox positions and movements?


That’s fair!

To each to their own afterall. But I’m glad you like my scenery practise at least. That was my second attempt lol.

Maybe I should do them more…