Artist for hire!

If you don’t mind taking a few seconds to click on my art portfolio to check it out, it would mean a lot to me! I am going to college in a year or two, as a junior this is an important part in my high school education, and as so I want to utilize the time I have to gain money for college needs!

Here’s the links to my insta as well my commission page:


I’ve been considering commissioning some character art for my sci-fi/space-opera game I’ve been working on.

I’m pretty far away from being prepared to sink serious money into my project at the moment, and frankly I don’t even have that many characters to work with yet… but I might give your $40 “sketch” offer a go some time soon. :slight_smile:

Best of luck with college!!


Your art is amazing! Is that what you plan to study in college?


Nice those look great! I’ve been wanting to get a art picture of my Vampire masquerade oc.

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Glad your keeping me in your mind XD Hopefully you can afford anything you need to make your WIP the best it can be ;D

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Sadly no, I am focusing on Computer Science and having this as a side job

I would love to make your vampire masquerade oc :blush:


Well, computer science is good too. But I hope there’s always room in your life for art!