Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck Stat Value help


I just noticed Treasures Seekers of Lady Luck is out on Android app market. I paid for it and so far most of the choices that seem to be for one stat end up being valued for another.

For instance, beginning spoilers:
When I “lead the way into the hall” I get +5 follower points but if i choose “follow the officer into the hall” I get +5 for leader.

If I assist officers I get + follow but if i follow group i get + leader points.

Best example is when I put the little girl in the evacuation pod I get +10 in cowardice and not bravery.

I don’t think I’m reading them wrong. The format is cowardice 60 bravery. (60 being the value when i got 10 added to my default of 60 of course).

So yeah, unless I’m mistaken I don’t think all these stat values are accurate.


Playing the demo, I can confirm the same. Ignoring the child, my Cowardice decreased, instead of what I would assume would be an increase.


It does increase it just goes up the wrong way. E.G the more brave you are, it will say your cowardice is higher, but the game still treats you as a highly brave person.

There are actually many typos or missing words for a published game,


I killed all the bugs, but at the end of the game, they still came back and helped saying “they thanked me for my peaceful resolution and not hurting them” (or something like that)

I thought issues like this would have been ironed out before the realease.



I have to agree that this is by far the most buggy release I have seen and I bought every CoG and hosted content game available on the App Store I’ve not even finished playing this one because of it. I hope this is only a one off


Yeah, the game could definitely use some patching work. Also, I can’t say I like the opposed relationship values.


@Ramidel, seconded.

I only played long enough to check TheKid’s observation, but now after a quick thought, “What use could having a high Cowardice do anybody?”


Thirded. I didn’t even buy, the demo just raised too many eyebrows.

You want my personal advice? Take this thing off the shelves and stick it in a new round of beta testing. It needs the work. It needs it badly. It has a fair bit of promise, and the game I saw underneath looks like it could be worth having; that game just doesn’t exist yet.


Is that a different version than the one on the Choice website?

The one I’m playing on the choice site seems to be working fine. The scale is a 0-100 rating with 0 being Coward and 100 being Brave.

So if you’re at 50 in the stat, and do a cowardly action the scale will move closer to coward, which means it may become 45 for instance.



Apparently so. The ones I’ve seen have the values mixed up.


@Turtler I don’t have any fancy devices to play on so I just have access to the website and I’ll admit I just checked a couple of the later choices. I played enough to realise that it’s not a game I’m going to enjoy. I didn’t even get to the end of the demo before I just stopped playing.


@FairyGodfeather Sorry to hear…

But yeah. Personally I’m far more positive, but I do think this looks like it needs a do-over. The mixed up stats screen is the most obvious, but it’s *Very* far from the only one.

For one, you can grab more than one Arc Wielder, even though I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to be able to. That’s one “hide choice” needed…


I pay for the game and I’m horrible disappointed all are bugs!!! everywhere negative stats people I friendly in the text hate me in the stats so if I’m a scientific I can’t be diplomatic? somebody really beta test this game? its clear a worse experience than to the clouds the text isn’t bad per se, but the rest of the experience is paintful so I dont recommend it to anyone


I think the game lost me the moment they introduced the Orion Slave Girl. I had a rant based on this but I’ll save everyone from having to read it. I also found the strange alien names very confusing and difficult to keep track of and I couldn’t remember who was what kind of alien. It was information overload without the opportunity to look up a glossary or cast list to explain it all.


@FairyGodfeather. No, please. Don’t hold back! How else will anyone else know or learn?

But anyway, I agree. It’s a nice shout out, but I personally would like it handled far better than it is. The use of the hormones raises *alllll* kinds of moral issues that I just do not see being raised, on top of the fact that it raises the question of “are these feelings sincere, or is this just manipulation?” On both sides, mind.

Really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, on top of the treatment of slavery I’ve been seeing (which is way, way, way too lighthanded, and I speak as someone who knows the practice didn’t always amount to “slow and more productive Holocaust.”) So really, it’s not just the stats screen that needs ironing out, in my opinion.


@turtler I’ll see if I can make enough of it it to start another topic and not bog this one down with my crazy. :slight_smile:





yes set the slavery all the game is really off not credible and don’t treat any romance but I really don’t know if my character is in romannce with someone because stats don’t work properly to show if I got friends lovers or whatever… and the end is totally anticlimactic I was that’s it? well the game is cheap but I pay more for a quality game



I can confirm there is *romance* it’s just not very active or amount to anything other than a possible hug from said character at the end of the game (taloo and her opposite)

Taloo (if that’s her name. The A-morpher) is a shy girl who cannot talk but isn’t against murder, and there is actually a scene where she does talk (depending on her friendship level. Shadow home world)

There are many scenes that need to *hide choices once they are done.

There are missing scenes. E.G the captain never says to put a homing beacon on the GPF detective yet there is a scene where they say “did you put it on him/her”

Some choices don’t work even if your specialized in them e.g. “Use force to brake down the wall (tactical)” (this one varies depending on if you speak to your companion first. Once used you can do it again) (not the only one)

The “camo suit” is useless in most situations, as are most of the items actually

The stat for "Krashan(?) vs “the slave” is also useless. You can’t befriend the shadow and the slave dies no matter what

There are so many things I can’t post them all, they are all flying through my head I can’t concentrate on one

Edit: some scenes are very railroaded. When visiting the trading port for the second time, there is only one way to get through this scene, and that involves going through a ton of scenes. (Dont want to see the GPF detective again, TOO BAD!)

When lying to the GFP officer (saying I will help) the game didn’t treat it as a lie. When seeing the captain again it was “I turned down the offer (lie)” or “I actually took the offer”


I did some small measure of testing for this game and can’t say I saw a single one of these bugs through any playthrough.
Did someone upload the wrong version? ._.



the bugs aren’t the only problem, there are some typos. I played the games few times trying different things so… But your comment can’t help but make me wonder, did someone send in the wrong version?

Edit: regarding my above post about bugs and issues: *SPOLIERS*

I was playing friendly with the GPF officer, and when returning to the ship (second time on planet) after the conversation the captain said “you deserve a promotion but you can’t get one the only higher rank is captain” (not word for word) but checking the stats my rank was “passenger” not even “junior officer” (the highest rank is “senior officer”)