New game! "Fate of the Storm Gods"—Control the elements as a force of nature!

We’re proud to announce that Fate of the Storm Gods , the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, Android, and on iOS in the “Choice of Games” app. **It’s 33% off until February 4th!

Harness wind, earth, fire, and all the forces of nature to destroy your enemies! Will you stabilize the broken magic of the weather, or revel in its chaos?

Fate of the Storm Gods is a 275,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Bendi Barrett. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

The world-below is the realm of humans: mundane, short-lived, often helpless creatures. But you are a Weather Builder—a resident of the upper-world, controller of all things atmospheric and a veritable Storm God! In your Workshop of the Westerly Wind at the peak of Mount Gion, you and the Master Builder regulate the weather in the Western lands.

When a desperate human royal climbs Mount Gion and breaches your workshop, you learn that the weather in the Southern lands has descended into chaos. Floods destroy whole cities in high-lying areas. Fertile plains deteriorate into desert within months. Furthermore, the Builders’ loyal automaton servants, the homunculi, are slaughtering humans without provocation.

This must be the work of the Weather Eaters, enemies of the Builders since time immemorial. The Weather Eaters feed off of maladaptive weather, sowing anarchy and strife wherever they can. Now, your ancient feud threatens to break the weather and tear apart two worlds.

Armed with a suite of elemental powers and the aid of your trusty (and deadly) homunculus, you must leave Mount Gion for the first time, putting yourself between the will of the Builders, the needs of the humans, and the ire of your enemies. Will you use your elemental powers and your wits to mend this rift before it’s too late, or will you prioritize accumulating power and influence in the midst of growing chaos?

• Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, asexual, or poly.
• Ascend to the highest level of skill in the weather-building arts and become a Weather Master.
• Pursue romance with a stalwart royal, a criminal mastermind, a devout Weather Builder, or a villainous Weather Eater!
• Negotiate peace between warring factions or crush your foes under your thumb.
• Discover the secrets of the broken weather system and the complexities of bringing order to it.
• Decide the future of one of the last remaining human strongholds.
• Help guide the growth of your loyal homunculus companion, Humil, as they learn what it means to think for themselves.

The fate of two worlds is in your hands!

We hope you enjoy playing Fate of the Storm Gods . We encourage you to tell your friends about it, and recommend the game on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other sites. Don’t forget: our initial download rate determines our ranking on the App Store. The more times you download in the first week, the better our games will rank.


I have been looking forward to this for a long time.

Congrats to Bendi Barrett!


Congratulations to Mr. Barrett! I can already picture a list of friends who would like this. :heart_eyes: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


Congrats to the author.


I like storms, and I’ve always thought I would be a fabulous god. Sign me up!


This looks amazing, huge congratulations on the launch!


I am beyond excited for this. It sounds like exactly my kind of game. Congratulations and thanks to the author!


That art is so good wtf, also love books about deities and superpowers so this is a homerun for me.


Congrats for the release😊!

i just finished my first play through and I enjoyed it. Will definitely play again BUT at the end I failed I think 90% of the stat choices.
I played my main MC so a charismatic, wirh magic affinity and peaceful. I did not monitor the stats closely because normally I have no problems playing as sucha character. It was a little taxing to just fail again and again. Like I said I enjoyed it overall but that took a little away from my experience :slight_smile:


Dang I wasn’t planning on getting this earlier but the cover art looks so dang cool I might just have to now. Also love the idea of being able to control the weather that sounds dope.

The same thing happened to me, though I focused on Speech and Compassion, and I did pay attention to stats. During the game, my primary goal was achieving peace between the Eaters and the Builders. My secondary goal was getting Niel selected. All of my choices went to those things, but Beck was chosen and the truce failed. It was so frustrating that I quit the game without finishing. Being forced to fight the Eaters at that point just felt like a betrayal of who my character was. The only way to avoid that was to close the app.

It’s very well-written and I like the characters and world building! That said, if I’m happy with all of the individual decisions I made yet incredibly unhappy with their outcomes, there doesn’t seem to be much point in finishing the story, let alone replaying it. It’s really too bad, because I otherwise enjoyed it.


Throw up a few spoiler tags on your post if you don’t mind.

Otherwise, I agree with you mostly though. I honestly feel like you absolutely had to focus on one ability in hopes to be able to pass quite a few of the checks. Not that this isn’t something that can happen, I’m just always wary of doing so because of choices that don’t offer my specific path.

However, I will say that this might have been the clearest choice selection I’ve experienced that didn’t explicitly state what kind of skill check it is. It skirted the line (bolding the choice occasionally), but I was never confused about what skill I was using with a choice.


i’ve been up all night replaying this game and i’ve absolutely enjoyed it! usually i couldn’t stand failing the stat checks because of the outcomes, but i like how it’s really handled here. plus, i love all the characters! they’re all entertaining in their own way and i love the way your decisions impact them too. i also love how the romance is done just right, and now excuse me while i try to unlock some of the routes again…


I did really enjoy most of this game. Like a couple other people I wasn’t real happy with the end, but I still enjoyed the game.


This was exactly my experience. I was really looking forward to the resolution, especially after the marriage convo with Niel, but alas everything failed. Beck got the vote, I was forced to fight and lost, basically everyone died. very frustrating and dissatisfying and I’m still not sure why I failed literally every choice at the end.


Congratulations on the release Bendi Barrett…


Congratulations on the release!
Just finished my first playthrough and came here to see how others fared.

I like the story, the setting and the characters, but I have to agree with what was said by several others.

To me, it felt like there were not enough choices to raise stats and this basically forces you to play very much into the min-maxing. And even though I picked choices that I thought would lead me to a specific goal, it didn’t work out.

As several others, I attempted to play a speech based, harmony/peace focused story, but it didn’t really work. Also tried to go for the Cielo romance and failed and ended up single.
The ending wasn’t as satisfying, as I had hoped, and it feels like the stat checks may be a bit high, for the amount of raising available.

Because of this, I chose the sacrifice ending. Since I felt that my speech wasn’t high enough, it seemed the only way of solving the weather situation. And I wouldn’t have minded the sacrifice too much, if the epilogue would maybe have some mentioning of the individuals characters and how the remember the builder.

I’m sure I’ll replay it again later, but right now, I feel a bit too frustrated, I admit.
But this is just my opinion and I’m certain that others feel differently.


Before I play, does anyone know how to romance Shade :point_right: :point_left:


@RedRoses: haven’t tried shade’s route yet, but i took a peek at a code and it seems that you need to have a high enough volatile stat? and then when you finally meet them, there should be an option to flirt with them. you can choose how to go from there! hope this helps, and for anyone who’s tried shade’s route, feel free to correct me!


Just came to say how much I love Celio’s romance and how they kept trying to out up their masks of stoicism, but then just said whatever and went all in with us. Also the sharing thoughts thing with them is sweet lol. Also thank you author for making the ROs gender switchable.