Blood Money ending confusion (obvious spoilers)

Just finished my first pass through “Blood Money” by @HannahPS .

The ending was somewhat … incoherent.

I chose to romance Silvian and since she leaves the city in the end , I chose to kiss her goodbye after saying I’d be trying to get my family to achieve something great .
So then she promises to write, boards the ship and we stand there “until the ship disappears into the darkness”.
Alrighty, nothing out of the ordinary … until in the next paragraph, she pulls me aboard and we both sail away .


I’ll probably be replaying the game with the same choices just to reread that (unfortunately already clicked “next”), but that didn’t make sense.
I’m fine with being pulled onto the ship , but AFTER it’s already disappeared ?? How long are her arms?!

Anybody else gotten this ending? Did I misread something or does it really not make sense?


That’s odd - I’ll take a look at it.

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Loved the book btw for a first time author it was really good especially my ending where I reunite my family with fuchsia and Octavia sharing leadership with me in second of command


Thanks for highlighting this, @CypherK - I’ve sent a fixed file to the CoG staff. As you noticed, her pulling you onto the boat at that point is an error, and is meant to come up if you say you’ve changed your mind about staying in the city. Your playthrough missed a small description of the city at night after Silvian leaves.

@Blank, thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it (and impressed that you got that ending, as it’s quite hard to achieve!)

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You’re welcome, @HannaPS.
And don’t worry, I found the idea of saying goodbye to each other, only for her to then decide by herself that I was coming with her, after all, actually a refreshing turn off events, even though I of course suspected it to be a slip.

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For my ending, Silvian stay in the city and we both enjoy a lovely dinner … at the same time discussing what we should do next , this ending suit me very fine :wink:

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