Blood Money Achievements & Guide

I am creating this thread for the marvellous game “Blood Money” by @HannahPS so we can discuss our playthruth’s and of course how to get some achievements!!

The original link where is the announcement and interview is: COMING THURSDAY: "Blood Money," NEW Author Interview, Trailer, and DEMO!


I got some achievement , but the most memorable were 3 :slight_smile:

1 ) Liberator Help Silvian free the blood mage from Mendes’s prison
2) Peacekeeper solve the dispute between Octavia and Fuhcia and both of them finally smile genuinely to each other
3) First Kill ( i think ) Push Mendes to the rift and ultimately kill her

Ghost-Touched: Anchor a ghost. (20 points)
Banisher: Banish a ghost. (20 points)
First Blood: Kill someone. (20 points)
Crime In The Blood: Stay with your family. (20 points)
Political Animal: Elect a mayoral candidate. (40 points)
Double Sororicide: Kill both of your sisters. (40 points)
Hostile Takeover: Seize control of your family. (50 points)
Survivor: Survive until the final chapter. (20 points)

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Is there a bug in the mage rescue scene? All combination of choices lead to silvian and the mages getting caught. The character is focused on inspiring and intellectual. I would think one of the two could led to success.

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I manage to save Silvian and free the Blood Mage , gaining the achievement " Liberator "…

I chose to stay back holding off the ghost and instruct Silvian to escape with the Freed Blood Mage

Inspiring :>60
Mystic : >50
Intellectual : >30

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Thanks, I’m guessing that used your Mystic score, my characters is only in the 30s. However there are 3 other choices, however I’ve tried all 4 and none are successful

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There’s also an option to sic the ghosts on the guards, which also allows you to escape and earns you the “Liberator”. Probably either high-mystic or high-deviousness

@Eric_knight: That was your first kill? :astonished:

Anyway, my favourite/most memorable achievement was
Sororicide Kill one of your sisters (20 points)
It’s probably not a very hard achievement to get.
Still, it’s my favourite because I did not kill her myself.
Instead, sweet Otavia spiked her sister with a crossbow. Did not think she had it in her.
That was beautiful.

Yes, I probably could have saved her after she had been shot, but at that point … why bother? Even exiled, she probably would’ve eventually returned a threat to Otavia and at least now I got a sibling bonding moment (so to speak) with Otavia instead of potentially alienating her when I go make the hard choice behind her back.


Yeah !!! Blood Money allows us to solve most situation without violence or Bloodshed, mostly i tried to talk my opponents out of everything… i was surprised that i didn’t have a choice to talk Mendes into giving up, i suspect there should be a choice but i mess up something earlier …hence i resort to pushing her in order to save the world

even in the assault on the Faces, i accompany Octavia to burn the inn in order to draw them out, Fuchcia’s forces did some killing during the ambush … then me and Octavia calmly approach Alexia to advice her to stand down , personally i think this scene is a classic… brother and sister emerging from the smoke of chaos and request the bad lady to surrender herself

and @CypherK … hehehe, perhaps in future @HannahPS would allow siblings / good friends to reconcile even after one of them shoot the other , well… accident do happen …i am sure Octavia didn’t meant it, perhaps her finger slip and pressed the trigger ? :wink:

Did the same thing during the attack, actually.

of course I later executed her, Juli and the rest of the prisoners so they wouldn’t pose a threat anymore

But my first kill was my mother’s killer. Couldn’t let her talk to the police.

I’m pretty sure Otavia’s finger didn’t slip…

Fuchsia was on top of me, about to bury a knife in my neck and Otavia stopped her with a bolt to the chest

So yeah … probably a bit late to reconcile. :sweat_smile:


Mother’s killer was aunt Vadin right ? If i remember her name correctly… Lol, this was one of by favourite scene , because i chose to walk in the police station confidently and told the officer " Did i look like anybody " ? :smile: Hey, No one even tried to stop me to visit a prime suspect … I let Vadin hit me in the face before reasoning with her, i thought it was cool :wink: and then i help her get out before setting her free by saying " My sisters know what happen, beware of them … "

I also like the scene with Pareira , confidently approaching “them” by holding my empty hand up… I can sense Pareira was constantly bewaring me of putting a knife out… so Pareira must be feeling surprise when i said " we are all friend " … lol

In the end , I convince Alexia to leave peacefully and help Octavia convince everyone to let the Faces join our ranks

As for Juli, I let her got away first time, but found her in Mendes’s prison …so me and Silvian free her and the rest , they went and hide in multiple places after that. With Nico becoming new mayor, the Blood Mages should come out from hiding by now :slight_smile:

I did request Nico to promote me to the governing rank of the city council

I hope there will be a sequel, with Octavia and Fuchcia ruling the underworld , me in the city ruling council and i also encourage Pareira to aim for leadership role within the police department … Together we will be untouchable … mother must be so proud :smile:

Edit : by the way, are you sure Fuchcia won’t simply let the knife touching the skin of your neck just to scare you off ? That’s usually what happens in most movies :slight_smile:

You let her killer walk free. She isn’t.

She seems alright with it when i told her what happen… said something like " someday you will perish with your naivety" , after that, she said my stubbornness is a good trait in the family… so mother seemed proud for letting her killer let loose :stuck_out_tongue:

She seemed more proud of me when I killed her.

Hahaha… killing is only the last resort , pity aunt Vadin for being traumatised after her daughter’s death :slight_smile:

I don’t. You let someone kill your mother and walk away. Killing her was something I would’ve done even if the mother hadn’t told me to.

If aunt Vadin was a horrible person , i might had agree and will definitely kill her too … but she seems to be regretting her action and in a lost now, she basically lost her family and normal life of her own… The conscience of guilt which likely to haunt her life forever is a sufficient punishment … because she will be suffering till the end of her days… It is better than, just kill her and expecting vengeance from someone close to her :slight_smile:

Oh dear… guess i never check whether Mendes had any family at all… hope Mendes’s family won’t come looking to avenge her…

She doesn’t have any guilt she wanted to kill her. She’ll be walking free now.

Hmmm… based on my reading Vadin seems regretting her action , I broke her in the prison :wink:

She may be walking free , but the chain of guilt will bind her forever … and the way she needs to live the rest of her life away from her true family, will leave her plenty of thinking … what is she going to do now ? The whole city is control by Delgados and alliance , leaving the city to another foreign region with multiple unknown , away from the place where she used to comfortably lived will be a dreadful experience :wink:

No she’s never regretted anything. Killing our mother was something she was happy to do. She didn’t care what happened to her afterwards because she got her revenge.

She was actually crying , saying that this family is cursed … and if the family members continuously killing one another , then it is truly cursed … luckily the killing stop for my playthrough :stuck_out_tongue: