COMING THURSDAY: "Blood Money," NEW Author Interview, Trailer, and DEMO!



Blood Money Achievements & Guide

Demo?! Demo!

Haha thank you! I was wondering how Blood Money would go as a story for a while since I saw the announcements.


Only a few more days and this game will be mine. :relaxed:


Author interview with @HannahPS and trailer is up!


Loved the demo, buying this as soon as it comes out. :heart_eyes:


Loved the demo too, hope to see more games about the criminal underworld, buying as soon as i have some spare cash.


How exciting! Yay for Blood Money!


So far…i am very engaged in the story … the story gives readers a great freedom to decide the MC’s personality on how to engage in every situation, and it is giving me such joy to read it while making decision on how to approach a situation, eagerly waiting for the full release …

There is no romantic interaction thus far, but the action is fast pacing…


@HannahPS - great interview. Not only am I looking forward to Thursday’s release, I’m already interested in your sophmoric project.

The setting is inspirational and I can’t wait to see how you controlled the flow of all the arcs together.

Thanks for being a great member of the community as you finished this project!



It was a pleasure to be part of the beta-testing for this game and I can’t wait for the finished project!


Thanks so much everyone, and I hope you enjoy the game as it unfolds. Blood Money has been a big part of my life for the last year and more, and so I’m very excited for Thursday!

That’s so lovely! In true second-project fashion, it looks like it’s going to be bigger than the first, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. As players of Blood Money can tell, I’m always up for high society backstabbing.

And a quick shoutout to @Mary_Duffy and the rest of the CoG staff, who have done an awesome job shaping and polishing it into what it is today, and the continuity editors, copy editors and playtesters who have really helped refine it all. It’s truly a team effort, and I feel it’s important to celebrate the work that goes on behind the scenes!


I hope you don’t mind me asking something which i am confused with… i notice some singular character(s ) are refer as “they” , is this a non-binary reference ?


Yes - there are some characters who are non-binary and use they/them pronouns.


Thanks for the information :slight_smile:


I think I found an error


Frankly speaking, IMO this was one of the best games I’ve had the pleasure of beta-testing.

Example: I usually dislike most sibling relationships in games, but I couldn’t bare to harm or mistreat my sisters at all in this one.


Thank you, @Ender1 - I’ve sent a fixed file to Jason.

@COGZealot, that’s wonderful to hear, especially as you normally aren’t fond of siblings in games! I’m very glad you enjoyed and hope you have fun with the finished game!


I think the family aspect of the game is really well baked in–i.e., you’re in this mob family and you can either embrace it, subvert it, take control of it, or work against it.


Wow! Just played the demo and wow! What a amazing game. This promisses to be the best CoG of 2018, in my humble opinion.


That music in the background sounds very Dragon Age Origins-y.