COMING THURSDAY: "Blood Money," NEW Author Interview, Trailer, and DEMO!



Coincidentally, I listened to a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition music when writing! It and the Dishonored soundtrack feature heavily on my Blood Money playlist.


And the demo ends…


I have been anticipating this story with a curiously copious amount of wonder and glee. Why, the blood ties binding the blood-tied mystic to dance the deft dance of high society in a Venetianesque setting alone is an inspirational feast.




I know, right? :heart_eyes:


I agree! Looking forward that title.

As for Blood Money, I haven’t gone far into the demo but the premise has been intriguing enough that I am looking forward to buying this asap!


It’s out on Google Play now


Yes! I have been refreshing since this morning. :joy:

Edit: Just noticed that in the summary, it was 275,000 words but in the trailer 290,000 words?

Edit 2 Oops… Nevermind. XD it was 275,000… Where the heck did I read 290,000 words. :joy:


Not sure if it’s a Google play thing, but I can always trust these games to come out early the night before :grin:


Who are the romance options in this game?


You can romance Pereira, Nico, or Silvian and can have a fling with Mayor Ferro. You can do the romances as an asexual character, but not the fling (you can do the fling as an aromantic character if you want).


Steam is saying 290k, maybe that’s where you got it from?


Thanks for heads up. Checked Steam’s description when I read your post. I hope the summary over there will be fixed soon. XD Anyway, it seems it’s available in my country’s Steam so shout out to those Steam users.

Also, Congrats on the release @HannahPS. I haven’t played it yet but I am totally intrigued when I read the premise. =)


It is 290,000 words. The trailer/marketing copy was drafted when it was less.


Ahhhh… too bad Estelia (if i get her name correct) is not one of the Romance interest :smile:


Bought it, loved it, and rated it 5 stars. I thought I was done, but then I hear that of the author of blood money is making another game that sounds awesome, and I cannot wait(though i will have to) to make that game mine.


:scream::scream::scream: Aleixe is not a romance??? What???:sob::sob::sob::sob:

Edit: And, is there any thread where we can discuss the achievements and all?


There isn’t a thread yet, but please do make one if you’d like!

Maybe in the future after the game, Aleixi might step down as leader and then romance the player… But right now she’s too focused on the gang (and ethics!)


Ugh… of course… the responsibility and all…:disappointed::sob: