I’m so excited for this one! I’ve really enjoyed Natalia Theodoridou’s short work, and it’ll be awesome to see a long IF work from her. And I love the premise!


I really love this game. It’s one of the most unusual games we’ve published, and I think it really stretches the genre in interesting ways.


Looking forward to Thursday! And I really like this from the interview: “a single playthrough is always a complete story, but it’s never the whole story.” That’s one of the core appeals of IF, so maybe it’s been said elsewhere before…but I don’t remember seeing it said so concisely.


Playing the demo, the writing is gorgeous. I’m even more hyped!


That struck me too, while I was compiling the interview for the post. We’re lucky to have had the chance to work with Natalia.


I honeatly can’t wait to play this game. I love dark games in general and specifically the idea of controlling someone else-- will I ruin their lives? Will I help them somehow? Will I, in someone else’s body, tell someone to commit a crime, acting with impuntiy.

And love rhe tagine of the description, changing up the ol’ what doesn’t kill you line.


I am in Chapter 3 of the demo right now and I got to say that I am deeply interested in this one!

Looking forward to buy this as soon as it hits the Playstore!


This looks awsome, gonna get it as soon as it comes out
Trigger warnings huh, feel like that would ruin the experience and it would be better to just say it has it at the beginning. If your gonna miss giant pieces of the story it will ruin it and might not be worth to get it at all


That’s not how trigger warnings work.


If you play the short, free demo you can see how they utilize trigger warnings in this game. Namely, to warn the player about posSible triggers.

Having just played the demo it honestly makes little diffference to the common player but to warn players in general


May I ask where can I find the demo?


(link to the game is in the author interview…)


Oh, I am enjoying this…


Me too, it’s the first in this year cog line that I finished the demo for


Holy. Fucking. Shit…just woah


Congratulations on the release!

Just the synopsis alone makes this sound like an intriguing Blade Runner/Total Recall hybrid, and from most accounts the writing here is excellent. Purchased and playing now.


What platform are you using? =O


It’s on Google play


I’m playing this on the Choice of Games omnibus app on iOS.