This is legit some of my favorite artwork we’ve ever had. Abigail Larson :raised_hands:


Dat artwork tho. :ok_hand: I think it has a similar vibe and look to the cover art for Mass Mother Murderer.

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time!


Oh I’m so glad. It’s a great kind of gruesome adventure/workplace game on its own, but the allegorical business Jordan gets at in the interview is my favorite thing about it: how we do mythmaking/hero-making and what a messy business it is.


Oh, this will be fun. I cannot wait.


! I was beginning to think no one had tried or liked the demo…


I like the demo, especially the interaction with Roza and the Boss :slight_smile:


Since Cats was one of my surprise favorites, I am refraining from spoiling myself.


The Interview was interesting :slight_smile:


Oh yeah… i just realise that in one of the scene, there were 2 choices of codemning a potential RO for his sexism remark , which is quite unique… since i don’t remember there were option from games previously addressing such issue, and if MC is a female will the RO still talk the same way ? It will be interesting to see whether this RO continue his behaviour during the course of the game, and if MC decide to side with him, will the MC be considered endorsing such attitude ? :-):thinking:


I’m excited for this one, I’m loving the art and the thoughts that have gone into the game! The world is really interesting, and it’s bleakly funny, too :smiley:


It is bleakly funny and also fairly scary at some points. (For me at least!)

I forget that at the end of the year where we’re releasing a game per week people might not be aware of how quickly some new things are coming out, one right after the other! Next week is 7th Sea and finally, Tower Behind the Moon just before Christmas.


Absolutely perfect combination! <3 I love oscillating between humor and chills. I’m very excited for the full release of this story.


Semi off-topic, but I’m absolutely loving the author’s music linked in the interview. It’s absolutely haunting and enthralling! Kinda atmospheric dark folk. Been a while since I’ve listened to anything like that.


She’s an incredibly talented musician, yes!


Seconded, I’m a massive fan of her music! I knew of her as a musician before finding out she wrote for CoG and was very excited when Choice of the Cat came on the scene :smile:


Consider me very interested in Raskolnikow. He’s so… [insert any number of colorful descriptors here]… I’m like, “I’ve got my eye on you, sir.” <3 C’mon December 6th, you can’t get here fast enough!


Typo in the game description.

Get to know you cloak—a weird, organic entity that can render you invisible.



Yes, we know, @RETowers is on it.


Typo, no?


It’s best to send that kind of thing to the support address, as it’ll mean all reports are in one place and will definitely be seen.