COMING THURSDAY: "Escape from Death"—New Author Interview, DEMO, and Trailer





I’m looking forward to this release.

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I’m excited for this! There’s such a neat overlap between interactive fiction (especially CoG-style that has a lot of protagonist personalisation) and TTRPGs and LARPs. The setting and characters sound really fascinating.


I’m really surprised that the author managed to pull it off. Sure, we have things like Crown of Sorcery and Steel, but this one turns something generic into something really epic and complex, and it still manages to come together! And the animal-human hybrids are classical (insert any culture here), but I’m sure they are breathed new life into (pun intended). Since Halloween is just around the corner, it feels so wrong, yet is so right. Looking forward to everyone’s opinions!


This looks like a cool setting–it reminds me a little of Planescape: Torment, which is one of my favourite old-school RPGs.

Looking forward to checking it out!


Premise is interesting, nice book length with some fun decision paths noted. Cant wait to get the full release, good work and congrats on finishing it!

omg……finally a cog im excited for :face_holding_back_tears: literally salivating at the mouth thinking of thursday

I think it’s so cool how the author has been carrying around these settings and characters in her mind for years, and finally chose this as the best way to share them with the world. I got to know the Afterlife and its citizens pretty well during testing, and I hope a lot of readers will give this surreal and quirky, but rewardingly warm, game a try.


Not all the way through the demo, but I got through enough to know my interest is piqued and I’m saving the remainder for Thursday.


Oh, oh. This is going to be good. :smiling_imp: Can’t wait to take on Death in a fistfight!

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