COMING THURSDAY: "An Odyssey: Echoes of War," New Author Interview, TRAILER, and DEMO





Who are the ro’s

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That is the main question…

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I can’t even express how excited I am for this, I absolutely love mythological stories and classical poetry! And that writing! Absolutely stunning.


I honestly loved the demo…so very excited for this one…


This is definitely one of the new stories that has taken me by surprise. Considering the weight of The Odyssey in the Western canon, I doubted that anyone would have the ability to make a good story out of Greek mythology, and not just use references or changes that would make it seem like a mere reinterpretation. I hope this is not the case, so I am hopeful. :thinking:

I was in tears doing my editorial review playthroughs on this game. It’s just so moving. If you (not you personally, Hannah, but one) didn’t understand why Rent-a-Vice was a finalist for a Nebula for Game Writing, this game absolutely reifies Natalia’s talent and the beauty of the prose and the storytelling she is capable of. And yes, I’m totally biased and totally obsessed with her writing.


Tbh I am actually looking forward to this more that Christmas (the fact that I’m stuck working over the Christmas period plays a role as well lol), but soon as I saw that this was written from the author of Rent-a-Vice in the upcoming games thread over a month ago I have been anticipating this game
Also the Odyssey is something that can definitely be played around with and I can’t wait to find out what one of my favourite authors has written


i wasn’t sure this would be my thing, but between the amount of agency you already have in this demo, a poly option, and opportunities to spare and talk things out with the monsters, this is an instant purchase for me for sure


It’s an interesting demo… Lol need to wait for the full release
Love that there’s a polyamorous choice…

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I love mythologies too, lol I had mythological studies in Uni

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I love mythology especially greek mythology (back than I’ve read both the Iliad and Odyssey years before it was required in school), so obviously I’m excitedly waiting the release of this game.

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Not a big fan of mythological stories but seeing as I absolutely loved Rent-a-Vice I am going to give this one a try.

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Is Circe a RO?

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That is covered in the author interview. But to spare you reading: Circe is not an RO. If you’re not familiar with The Odyssey, I can tell you one RO: your spouse back in Ithaca!

For people asking who the ROs are…this is your gentle reminder that you’re asking a question that nobody here is able to answer except the author of the game, or mayyybe the editor of the game. Which is not me. And most authors are not on the forum.

But it has come up almost constantly in the last few releases. Often, as on this thread it’s the first or one of the first comments. Going forward, we will be sure that the ROs are listed in the game descriptions, and I’m going to delete requests for spoilers pre-release.


It’s a bit disappointing that Circe isn’t an RO, but it’s an interesting enough change from the original that she is now part of the crew.


The reasoning for this is explained in the author interview, and I liked that.


I admit I didn’t read that yet. Reading that tends to make the wait for an upcoming game a bit harder for me so I prefer to wait with that until the game is released and if I enjoy the game I go back to read the author interview too.

This is great

It’s out now in Google Play