COMING THURSDAY: "Noblesse Oblige" New author interview and DEMO!




Hey idk if its just the demo but the game makes us choose romancable partener gender twice

I haven’t been this excited for a game to come out since - well, since Heart of Battle, which isn’t saying much. But that’s only because we’re getting absolutely amazing games two weeks in a row.

Noblesse Oblige is a novella that is simultaneously chilling and charming. It’s atmospheric, so broodingly and frostily autumnal that readers in the northern hemisphere may well forget it’s August. There’s a mansion so big you can literally get lost in it, a forbidding employer, mysterious sounds in the night, and an enigmatic newcomer with an agenda. It’s every gothic trope you’ve ever loved, brought to a boil and seasoned with just enough sugar and spice.

The ROs have secrets, all of them. Embarrassing secrets, shameful secrets, secrets that drive their choices in ways you won’t always like. They’re pretty messed up, to be honest. And yet somehow it’s possible to fall in love with each and every one, depending on what angle you look at the story from. Like glass shards in a kaleidoscope, the pieces of the mystery fall together differently based on your choices. The other characters are only ever themelves, pursuing their own goals, but each is so complex and multifaceted that it almost feels like a different story when you approach them in different ways.

I had a great time testing this game, and I can’t wait to see how you all lean into the unfolding mystery, which ROs you think are worthy of a new beginning, and how far you’re willing to go with them in the name of justice, or revenge, or redemption.


A coding mistake or something?

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So play it during a heatwave? :sweat_smile:

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I’m currently finishing my first ever playthrough of Creme de la Creme so this is coming out at the perfect moment for me. I’d love to get more opportunities to stay within the same universe before I inevitably replay Creme de la Creme several times. xD


Edit: this is now being looked at. Thank you!

@AletheiaKnights That’s so incredibly kind, I so appreciate your thoughts on the game!

@Ninja1 - thank you! That’s the classic “find typos by publishing something and then flicking through the book” situation. I’ve corrected it and sent it over to my editor.

@E_RedMark in this heatwave, if I could hang out in the snow on Teteriuk I absolutely would right now! :laughing:

@tyrianheart that’s so exciting! I hope you enjoy Creme de la Creme and that Noblesse Oblige is a nice dessert afterwards!

It’s always nervewracking coming up to launch time but I’m thrilled that Noblesse Oblige is coming out soon! It was such a lot of fun to write and I learned a ton from making it.


Even though I probably won’t use it, I really appreciate the possibility to toggle off certain content. That’s a nifty feature.

I think they mean that the game asks you twice “How would you like the genders to be set?” in short succession. Once at the very start of the demo, after you click “Play the first three chapters now for free” and the second time right after you have made the choice and have been led to the first chapter.





I feel extremely privileged to have been perched on Hannah’s shoulder, watching Noblesse Oblige grow through its development cycle; I love it so much!


Looking forward to play the full game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And the artwork is so beautiful!! The artist did a great job.


@feurio got it, there was some issues with the startup file but should be fixed now. Glad you appreciated the content toggle - I figured people would enjoy having some elements be optional.

@FayI it has been wonderful to have your input!

@RenataC amazing, I hope you enjoy! And YES the art is incredibly beautiful!


I liked the demo, it seems like a very character-focused game.

However, I’m going to add to the pile of errors:


EEEE! I’m excited! I’ve been dying to play this.

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@saggittarius I’m glad you enjoyed the demo, and thank you for the typo spot - funny how many eyes go over these words and there are still ones to find! I’ve sent off the correction.

@Kelly_Seastar wonderful, I hope you enjoy it!

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Regarding first impressions, I enjoy that the protagonist is in their 20s. I, Myself, am 30. While I don’t mind playing a school-aged protagonist, playing an adult feels comforting.


Yes, it was a fun change to write about characters who are a bit older, and at very different life stages to those in Creme de la Creme and Royal Affairs. I’m glad you’re liking it so far!


I’m really enjoying this so far, and looking forward to Thursday :)!
Oh, and would anyone happen to know which of the romance interests would be interested in a polyamorous relationship?


Depending on how you handle the plot, you can romance Pascha and Danelak in a polyamorous relationship. There are a couple of points where you can signal being interested in that and it should be pretty clear - just make sure you haven’t said something like “I only want to keep this professional” to either of them.

Also, I’m very pleased that you’re having a good time so far!


I agree with the following statement!

Hannah’s worldverse in this (and shared by other works) is both inspirational and enjoyable every visit there.

I won’t be able to express my congrats on Thursday, @HannahPS – so let me say them here and now.

Congrats! :two_hearts:


That’s so kind, thank you so much! I really appreciate your support and cheerleading - it always gives me energy :smile: