COMING THURSDAY: "Royal Affairs"—New Trailer, Author Interview, and DEMO!





Congrats to @HannahPS on game number four!


Congrats Hannah!

I will be happy to play my “Princess Grace” … and hope she turns out as well as the original. :revolving_hearts:


Definitely excited for this one creme de la creme was one of my all time favourites


I’m so thrilled to finally share this with everyone. It’s been such a journey! I’m really proud of the game and how much I was able to improve it based on all the amazing playtester feedback I had. I hope you enjoy the demo, and the full game when it’s out on Thursday!


Woohoo and congrats!


Interesting. I’ll have to check it out.


Hannnaaaaah my looooove I am so excited for youuuuuuuu!!!

Time to replay Creme de la Creme before this comes out <3


Congratulations on number four! This is very exciting, and I’m looking forward to it as a particular treat this weekend!


Time has surely flown since the beta testing, the novel is a huge step up for the Créme de la Créme universe and a true accomplishment.

All that where there know for sure that Royal Affairs is going to be an absolute banger!


@Mary_Duffy I’m so pleased, it feels so long ago since the first one but I’ve come a long way!

@Eiwynn Thank you so much for your encouragement, I remember when you were cheering me on with Creme de la Creme those years ago!

@Rxpct I’m so glad! It was a lot of fun building on the world and exploring different parts of it!

@Havenstone Thank you so much!

@Michael_Porter Hope you enjoy!

@RedRoses Thank you so much!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I hope it’s fun playing one after the other!

@Gower Thank you, that really means a lot!

@eldensalkeld I so appreciate that, thank you! That was definitely my goal and I’m really happy that you enjoyed testing :smile:


It’s happening! Oh man I’m so excited for Best Spouse @HannahPS who continues to knock it out the park with each new game! :heart_eyes:


Oh - I was so busy replying to everyone’s lovely comments that I forgot what I was going to post as well. Please take a moment (many moments) to admire the full version of Adrien Valdes’ stunning cover art!


Aaaah finally, can’t wait to read full game :star_struck: :crown: Congratulations :tada:
I’ve been excited about this IF since I found the demo two years ago.

I’ll name her Spoon ; D


Its finally time XD loved testing this so release is exiting as always congrats hannah!

I also regret not suggesting that theres a randomise name option for the mc of the previous game XD i hate entering since i cant use my name twice


Congratulations Hannah, it’s always a pleasure to read your stories!

The fun of your stories makes me think of this particular scene:

Can’t wait to destress and be a sassy royal hehehehe


I’m just finishing up my replay of Creme De La Creme. I know I could have Royal Affairs randomize or skip the details of the previous game but I wanted a refresher.


I enjoyed reading the interview, as always, but I was so excited when I got to the very end and there was a hint about what’s coming next in the Crème-verse! I’m so excited to get to know a different place with a different culture and experience a fresh perspective on a world I have come to love so dearly. I already strongly suspected I would love @HannahPS’s next project because it’s @HannahPS, and the fact that there’s a cat I can pet elevated the likelihood to a near certainty, but knowing it’s set in the same world as three of my favorite games ever has me planning to love it with the sort of certainty I rarely employ outside of discussions of mathematical theory and Newtonian physics.

And I’m so excited also to get to join in what is sure to be a passionate discussion of Royal Affairs later this week. I wonder if everyone else will feel the same mixture of excitement and coziness I felt when I first set foot on the Archambault campus when beta testing began last year? Will they feel strangely protective of … a particular character? Will they want to slap … a different character … upside the head until they’ve played a few times and started to pick up on their better qualities? Will they be as intrigued as I was to discover … another character’s … soft, vulnerable side? Will they catch all the little references to characters and events from Crème? Will they find themselves uncomfortably fond of So-and-So who probably maybe doesn’t deserve it? Will they be as certain as I am that, even though the game never mentions it, Prince Oliver definitely dressed all the family pets up in festive outfits for Hearthlight and had a brief sulk over not being allowed to show them off at the party?

Royal Affairs is a real treat, and although I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’m a little envious of everyone getting to play it this week for the first time.


Real excited, I played through all your games and especially Creme de la Creme a few times already. Congrats on the release!


Noooo!! Don’t put me in the mine again!!! I’ll be good I promise!