Royal Affairs expansion and all Hannah Powell-Smith games on sale!

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We’re proud to announce an extended epilogue for Royal Affairs as a free addition to the base game. The new content will be relevant for future games in the series, so be sure to play again!

To celebrate, we’re putting all of Hannah Powell-Smith’s games on sale this week. Get Blood Money for 30% off, Crème de la Crème and Royal Affairs for 40% off, and Noblesse Oblige for 20% off until February 1st!

One year later, you’ve set sail on a state visit to Teran. Will you scandalize your family, or do them proud? How have your post-college plans been proceeding, and is there a royal wedding—or a shocking elopement—in your future?


Congrats, @HarrisPS! This represents a lot of work and it must feel good to have it out in the world. :tada:


Thank you so much, it was a lot of fun to return to the Royal Affairs characters for another little adventure!


I had a lot of fun testing the new epilogue, and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it!


You’re a machine! Congrats


let’s gooooo!

I’m so excited to read this!


Me: squints The same author wrote Blood Money?! Time to go buy


Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this! Royal Affairs is my favourite of the CdlC universe so far.



This sale was a good reason/excuse/justification to finally buy Noblesse Oblige (CdlC and RA I got already) :smiley:

edit. And a good kick to start off a new playthrough throughout all the games!


So it will still come today? The Upcoming Choice of Games Releases thread says it will be released on Jan 25th but my game on Steam did not receive an update.

Or is it coming only for other platforms?

Just wanting to make sure I got it right. Looking forward to it!

Woo! Excited to replay and check them out. Can’t wait for Honor Bound and anything else you do next.


I’m currently in the middle of a run on IOS, to play the epilogue should I restart? Is there anything else I may need to do?

Mild epilogue rambling (spoilers):

Liked this a lot. I’m a sucker for a good epilogue and it was great to see more of of Asher and our siblings, really liked getting to do some diplomacy while learning about Teran as well. The weddings were so nice, the royal one was especially sweet for me, very warm conclusion that even had Fabiens replacement grow on me quite quickly.

Love being able to go back to the beginning of the chapter whenever too (and any previous chapter), that gave me room to try out the different options easily and it’ll be so convenient on future replays.


@AletheiaKnights thank you so much again for your testing!

@Samuel_H_Young @izzily @AnneWest @starpendle thank you!! The reason I started doing this epilogue was a little silly* but I’m so glad I did it and that CoG humoured me, heh.

@dreamofeden that’s me! Blood Money is very different (though there are some shared themes, albeit with a lot more violence) and never got talked about as much as Creme but I love it a lot.

@Akme2000 ahh I’m really pleased that you enjoyed! I like Lord Hendricks quite a bit :smile:

@CloudStrike I think it should be out everywhere now as the mailer has gone out, but if it’s not for you it’s worth emailing support (at) choiceofgames (dot) com to check.

@mags I think it will probably restart automatically; it will probably be a good idea to restart anyway as the checkpoints are changed in this update and there were a few bugfixes (one weird one involved some imported Noblesse Oblige games not displaying the name of Gallatin College correctly in Royal Affairs, for example). You’ll know you have a completely up-to-date game because you’ll be able to restore to a previous chapter from the stats page, and you can just access the epilogue by continuing to play after what was previously the ending. Any issues, please drop an email to the above address as they’ll be able to tell you more intelligent things about how updates work than I will!

*I realised that in Honor Bound I wanted to be able to refer to whether or not the Royal Affairs PC had got married, or had managed to get married to someone the Queen disapproved of, because a royal getting married would be a big deal even in another country. Plus there were those options in the final chapter about “maybe we should elope” and such, plus the discussions about what the PC might be doing with their life…

Initially I thought about just putting a question in the Honor Bound questionnaire so the player could specify what happened in the last few years but it felt weird to summarise it like that in another game, so I decided to make players be able to play through it themselves, and to have some family, exploration, and life follow-up as well for those who didn’t want to get married. So, instead of 5 minutes and a couple of choices, I took a month and 50,000 words to write a full chapter, because I am contrary like that sometimes!

Also I got to figure out some Westerlind and Teranese traditions, which is always fun.

(There’s going to be some more bits and pieces referring to the events of the epilogue in Honor Bound once I’m done wrangling the current chapter I’m writing…)


Honestly, I’m one of those people who gets so bogged down in world building that the story itself rarely gets written, so

really hits me in a place that understands!


I mostly do my worldbuilding as I go and fill in the gaps with cement once I’ve drafted (do not ask me to do real-life construction, it will not go well for anyone).

I can get distracted with mythology and technological developments though, and sometimes historical figures… and then wonder about making a game set 100 years before Creme or something, hmmm…


This is so relatable.


Hi I Was Just Wondering How Many Games Will This Series B?! Also Will U B Able 2 Have Children & B Part Of The Story?!


What are the odds? I re-read Royal Affairs yesterday, lol

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