Now you can save your playthrough of Royal Affairs!

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In preparation for the upcoming release of Honor Bound, the newest game in the popular Crème de la Crème series, we’ve added the option to save your progress at the end of Royal Affairs.

If you haven’t played Royal Affairs, download it today! If you have the game already, updating it will give you access to the new save feature. And don’t forget to wishlist Honor Bound on Steam!

The author, Harris Powell-Smith, has this to say about their upcoming game:

I’ve been working on Honor Bound for just over a year, and in that time I’ve written over 400,000 words on it! Making Honor Bound has been a wonderful adventure, moving the action away from Westerlin and placing the player character in a totally different role. Teran is a new culture for the Crème de la Crème series—although players of the Royal Affairs epilogue will have had a sneak peek—and it’s been lovely to introduce a new place and new characters while drawing on some familiar themes.

It’s been a lot of fun writing the player character as an adult in their late twenties or older rather than a teenager or younger adult. They’ve recently experienced hardship, and may have made mistakes that cost lives, but are returning to their hometown after a long time away. Throughout the game they can make connections with people from their past, turn towards new bonds on the horizon, or something in between.

I’ve also been enjoying the different kinds of agency the player character has—unlike in Crème de la Crème or Royal Affairs, they don’t have teachers telling them when to go to bed—along with their added responsibilities. It brings different kinds of stakes, and I love exploring that. Will they stray from the path their commanders want for them, or will they claw back their reputation? That’s for the player to choose.

Right now, I’m in the middle of writing various branches of a dramatic climax. The player’s actions have had consequences all through the game, but here’s where it all comes to a head. They might have made friends, forged intense romances, or alienated their community, made mistakes or kept a shining record…and all those earlier experiences feed into what I’m writing right now. This is my fifth Choice of Games story now, and drawing together so many threads and making earlier choices feel meaningful never gets old.


I’m really excited for this! Harris Powell-Smith is one of those authors whose work I will purchase before even reading a word now, because I know it will be good.

I have read everything they’ve published here and also some work on other platforms, and I love the worlds and characters they’ve crafted to want to visit again and again. Each new work here explores an exciting new region and new people. I’m stoked to learn more about the Terans this time.


We’re nearing the home stretch for Honor Bound now…


Also, I’m looking forward to what comes next!


We really are… I finished up the first draft of Chapter 10, which has been a bit of a slog, this afternoon! After I do some playtesting and submit it, I’ll be onto 11, the penultimate one. Whew!

@Bridgetpearl That’s truly lovely to hear, I’m so pleased :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did not get the option to save my Royal Affairs playthrough at the end of the game :confused: The game has been updated and un- and reinstalled, and still nothing.

Or should I have done it through Stats section, where all those cheat menus and chapter replays were?

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I’m sorry that’s happened for you - it should be an option at the end, after the Teran trip. Please could you email support (at) choiceofgames (dot) com so this can be looked at? Thank you!

Just sent the email!

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Same happened with my last playthrough, just when you finish the epilogue no option appears at all to record your progress. It was the last Google play version that I played 1.2.5.

Please can you send an email to Support with this info to ensure the report gets seen - in the browser Royal Affairs looks correct, but I don’t have the ability to see or access files in the apps (and I don’t know which version is current, etc). Thank you!

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