Blood Money Achievements & Guide

That’s not regret. That’s remorse for her dead daughter. Killing our mother for her daughter.

Well… in future i could ask her to apologise to everyone once everything settle down, if we simply kill her …there isn’t chance for reconciling within the family :slight_smile:

Everybody would’ve prefered her to be killed. She murdered the head of the family.

Even Octavia ? Let see how Vadin shown her regret in a trial… the grudge came from bad decision making from the former head anyway…

That’s actually the main reason i support Octavia for the throne , she usually try to solve matter in diplomatic fashion and kinder… the scene with Alexia and Estella had proven that :slight_smile:

Vadin and her daughter joined a gang they knew the risks.
She killed her mother. Octavia was closer to her mother than the rest of us. Just because she is diplomatic doesn’t mean she won’t get her hands dirty. She already killed Fuchcia in my game.

Yeah , they join the gang…perhaps out of personal ideal, family loyalty or other motivation… but that doesn’t mean they can be cannon fodder where a leader can sacrifice them needlessly … that’s the main reason i always support diplomatic solution in order to minimise casualty

Octavia, if left alone …misguided… may twisted into someone that betray her nature, that’s why she needs a supportive brother to help her sail through the drudgery :slight_smile:

Octavia killed Fuchcia out of difficult choice, fear or love for her brother … that doesn’t meant she intend to do so if given alternative option she had proven that when she cried when possessed by mother to execute Estella

How to help Nico win the vote for mayor?

That wasn’t hard , just involve in his campaign , help him solve the case with the noblewoman who had been blackmail , then during the rainy voting day …i request Fuchcia to borrow her boats to carry the voters :slight_smile:

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That’s not working… I did all of that…but, everytime I did, ferro gain more power and Nico lose power.

That is weird… because i did that , but i did everything in good route :slight_smile:

I use ghost to help noble woman and she double the fund for Nico. But Nico loose power.
I fix the bank problem by going through the log book and fixing everything. But Nico loose power.
I use family boats to help the voters. But Nico loose power.
At first the power was
Nico 64 ferro 36
After helping noble woman
Nico 56 ferro 44
After bank account problem
Nico 51 ferro 49
After the flood
Nico 46 ferro 54

How is your MC reputation?
I think it would affect him since MC is consider partner…
But perhaps @HannahPS the author could help :slight_smile:

Or @No_This_Is_Patrick you have any idea ?:slight_smile:

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In Chapter 9 the successes and failures are based on the Reputation, Influence, faction relationships/strengths and City’s Ghosts stats, so trying to focus on areas where you have strengths is generally useful.

Here’s a more detailed walkthrough for winning the election for Nico:

When going to the docks to help Lady Almeida:
-Getting a ghost to break into the records office succeeds if ghosts are Contained over 50
-Bribing your way inside succeeds if Admired is over 40
-Knocking out someone in the office succeeds if Feared is over 40
-Asking your contact to distract the guards succeeds if Boardroom is over 40

When dealing with Iris and the bank accounts:
-Telling the bank to keep it quiet succeeds if Feared is over 40
-Telling Iris to confess succeeds if Admired is over 40
-Correcting the account books succeeds if Boardroom is over 40

When dealing with the flood:
-Asking your family for boats succeeds if Delgado strength is over 70
-Asking Aleixi for boats succeeds if Faces’ strength is over 50
-Asking the police for help succeeds if Police influence is over 40
-Stalling the votes using your legal knowledge succeeds if Boardroom is over 40
-Stealing a ballot box succeeds if Streets is over 40
-Using the ghosts of your sisters or Aleixi to disrupt Ferro’s workers succeeds if ghosts are Contained over 60
-Using the City Hall ghosts to disrupt Ferro succeeds if ghosts are Angry over 70.

You can also get a bonus for Nico at the start of the election if the city’s Chaos is high, or if you have done things to help Nico out earlier in the game - such as succeeding at helping him with Helder in Chapter 3, or getting the Tanque Street building for Silvian or the police, and asking him for help.


How do we get the achievement ‘Hostile Takeover’? I managed to get it once, on my first playthrough, but I never succeeded in repeating it.

Answer is in the spoiler tag!

Stay with the Delgados and defeat Aleixi and the Faces with them. Do the election chapter backing whoever you’d like, it doesn’t matter who you make Mayor. In Chapter 10, Fuchsia will get in touch by letter - respond to her and then choose options “I’ll pretend to help” or “It should be me in charge”. Then forge onwards with your takeover plan. Good luck!

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We we able to um…become romantic with Luis? If so how in the world does that happen? :slight_smile:

If you anchor Luis to you, there’s new content in Chapter Six where you can perform magic to help him regain more of his will and mind. After that, you can build a closer relationship with him. It’s not totally physical but it’s a strong not-entirely-friendship, spooky bond.


I LOVE spooky bonds! Thank you for the answer!


I’m not sure what’s going on. I double-checked my stats for the Nico election walkthrough and I feel like I got all the success text. But it still gives points towards Ferro? I’m so confused

Can’t bear the thought of killing my sisters… But I’ll have to on my next few playthroughs. :worried:

Edit: Even put the wellbeing of my sisters before that of my love interest in my last playthrough…

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