Guides To Games

I often have trouble finding guides for achievements/certain endings/required stats for Choice Of Games. And I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to share any tips-n-tricks they have.

For these games, especially/specifically:

  • The Mysteries Of Baroque
    *Werewolves: Haven Rising
    *The Hero Unmasked!
    *Demon Mark
    *Avatar Of The Wolf
    *Choice Of Magics
    *Psy High/Psy High 2
    *T-Rex Time Machine
    *Blood Money

And whatever other game I add to the list.

I could put together guides for specific questions for some of these games, but there are ways for you to get a good look at the games’ code yourself to find your answers.

Check here:

This is how to see the code of a game opened in the webbrowser via the CoG website. To view all chapters of a game, you’ll need to have it unlocked to an email address you used to login to the CoG website (not the forum). You can get a game unlocked by using the purchase transfer service offered by the cog support.

There are different methods if you’re playing via Steam. I’ve described one method for older games here, and this is a method for modern games that have packed the game files in an app.asar file:

There’s a thread about Blood Money achievements here which may be helpful, and if you have any specific questions about Blood Money I can answer as best I can.


I’d prefer a guide or two, but I don’t want to be a hassle. Also, the code-looking seems too complicated. I’m into more simple explanations.