Ease of Navigation for the Website

This has been on my mind for a while. I’m wondering if there are plans in place to make the main CoG website easier to navigate when browsing for games? I ask because there are so many games published now that scrolling around the games tabs has become a bit of a chore, especially on a phone. (The scroll bar on my phone is about as wide as my fingernail. :sweat_smile:)

Are there any changes coming soon, like categorizing games by genre or seperating games by pages? I think it would help newcomers not be so overwhelmed by the variety of games available to them.


I like this idea! I agree that it would be nice to have some categorization. :slight_smile: Somewhat jumping off of this, is there a significant difference between titles with the actual “Choice of” in their title (Choice of the Deathless, Choice of the Dragon) vs. titles that don’t? (The Sea Eternal, etc.) If there is a noticeable difference between the two types (stylistically), I wonder if it would be handier to separate the games into those two categories? XD


I don’t know of there’s any difference between the explicitly and inexplicitly CoG games, but I think a tag system could work too.

Maybe sort by genre, word length, author, and a “temporary” tag based on how new it is? It’s all hypothetical atuff at the moment, but I’m sure we all have suggestions to add. :smiley:

A tag system would definitely be a good thing, but I probably won’t get around to it very soon.

There’s no difference between games named “Choice of —” and other games in the CoG label, except that you can be 100% sure a game named “Choice of —” is a CoG game and not HG.


I think tags like “average game length” or “price” are not bad. Although on the other side, tags like “romance” are kinda useless because… well, what CoG’s without romance? :grimacing:


Certain delightful ones like Choice of the Star Captain, for instance.


Could have standard sorting, like alphabetical, newest, by author, etc.
Also could have the results limited to a certain number per page, for faster loading.
I’d mention affiliate programs, but those might be a bit troublesome to implement?


I always liked the sliding bars on Netflix, but have looked into the code. It would definitely be a challenge to implement.

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Yeah, tags would be amazing. Or even starting with general genres. It seems a lot of people come to the forums having tried one CoG or HG game and want recommendations that are thematically similar. I think this would help. Also, sometimes sequels to games are listed far apart from each other and these could be more easily grouped together, as well.