Should we merge some categories? Create new ones?

It’s weird that we only have categories for a few CoG games. Maybe we should get rid of those categories? Or create more of them, and nest them? (Discourse allows us to nest categories, which is handy.)

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I would be in favor of nesting them. Can someone do a test category with nesting subcategories, to make sure it works?

Oh, maybe I should create a category for my games, and then two subcategories for the works in progress discussions. Can we move existing conversations?

I’d lose the individual game categories. With so many games, it makes individual categories useless.


Looking through all the admin stuff, (just hoping to find it), but didn’t turn up anything. Is that Admin only/something you need to do behind the scenes?

I think the best thing is for the series (CotV, AotC, ect.) to get their own nested topics, but everything else to get merged.

@cottage14 Yea, we can move topics around.

I’d recommend unpinning or deleting the unused Welcome to the Choice of Games message. It’s a full inch to scroll down every time, and it has nothing in it.

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I dunno it could probably work, have tags like fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, western etc…
Is it possible to have more than one tag on a new topic now?

I’d think it’s be better to merge all the official beta tests into one thread, Unpin the CoG Business thread, and have a generic announcements thread where the upcoming releases are. That’ll limit the pins to three which is I think pretty much the max before it’s just too cluttered.



You can unpin it for yourself - go to the bottom of the topic, there’s an Unpin box.

@Reaperoa the category editing is on the category list pages - click on any category badge, then Edit on the upper right.

@Reaperoa as well - please change the category colors! Brown for everything looks ugly.

For the editing catagories, either I’m dumb and can’t see it, or it’s restricted to Admin only. (The colors was all I was going to touch without Dan and Jason coming to some decision. Ugh, default brown everywhere.)

(Also yea, the unpinning of topics on the individual basis sounds awesome, but another thing that I can’t use as a mod. My only options are global pinning and unpinned)