Category Selection in iOS App Store

This does not matter for my current WIP, but might for one I have in the hopper so I figured I would ask in case others were curious: I know most or all HG and CoG fames end up in the Role-Playing category on the store. Is it possible to also be listed in a second one if it applies? If one were strategy-heavy, could it also be listed there?

I heavily doubt that, but don’t know for sure.

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Now that things have calmed down a bit, and I am considering what I want to work on next, I figured I would see about this. One of my potential projects could fit better in another genre.

Just throwing this out there, but I think putting our games in the RP category is not only correct, but it’s also a good marketing strategy as RPGs seem to be very popular, especially on Android.

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I can see where that’s true for the most part, though I imagine there already are or soon will be ChoiceScript games that don’t fit under the RPG classification. But a follow-up question would be whether they could be under more than one category. Like the recently-released Meteorfall (which I recommend, since it is an interesting hybrid of Reigns and my beloved Dream Quest, with some amusingly skewed art). It is in RPG, but also Cards. RPG is a more popular category to be sure, but since Cards has less frequent paid releases it could prove a lot more sticky over there, reaching higher ranks and staying there longer to improve the game’s tail. The dev puts a lot out about his creation process and sales info right here.

My potential new project would not be a card game. That may or may not be feasible in this engine, but just because I completed one game doesn’t mean I am savvy enough to attempt it. But it’s just a good for-instance.


That’s a good point! I’m sure you would be able to put your titles in different categories. Paradox Factor, for example, is in the Puzzle category.

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