Should the main site add filters and categories?

So, I’ve been noticing how the lists of games in both “Our games” and “Hosted Games” sections are now twice as long as the first time I entered the forums; with almost 80 COG games and 100 Hosted games.

I’ve been wondering if there have ever been plans or suggestions to add filters such as “age rating”, “genre”, “lenght”, “platforms available”… or different ways of sorting the games shown in the main page in order to help newcomers to find games they would be interested in more easily?


I think the priority is the omnibus app atm, but once they’ve implemented similar functionality in that (if they haven’t already), perhaps we could hope for a logic port back to the website :slight_smile:


There’s something fans could do in the meantime:
Make a wiki. Ratings, Genre etc.



Making a wiki is a big commitment. I speak from experience. You need an overwhelming mass of rotating editors to keep it from dying on the vine, as it were.

I think if a wiki must be made, it probably should be based on facts.

Something anyone can edit, has the uses of lot’s of people being able to add to it, but also the danger of letting let’s of people add to it.

“I think X is better than Y” is NOT something you want to get into on the Internet with both games and writers…

There are many great writers all over the site. Tons of people better than me. I won’t even argue that. But what my problem is with a wiki including ratings? It could lead to some people having bitter resentment for other people.

Tons of innovative writers and many of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some use world building to make up for weaker dialogue, and some people distract you from flat characters by managing to make them sound cool when they talk.

But a wiki that logs details about everything should definitely stay with facts. “This story is better than this story” is NOT something you want to touch.

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Ratings will be on the app, regardless, as they have been on the app store. But I don’t think genre categories, or age appropriateness, are so very subjective, in this case. I don’t think anyone suggested the wiki should log quality ratings.

I’m just saying there’s a fair amount of people who read highly rated stories and didn’t even like them a little. It only takes one person to snowball something into an avalanche.

All I mean is, it’s important to realize who you’re given the ability to write information to.

Mind you, I believe MOST people here would do just about everything fairly. It just takes that one person though.