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I love CoG. I have been following it’s games since I think 2012, back when it had only a few games on the site. Now in 2019 the UI for the games has not changed and the list of games being added to it makes it harder to scroll down to reach older games on mobile (where I mostly access the site) and probably on desktop as well.

You revamped the forums in recent years but do you have any plans to do the same for the CoG Label and Hosted Games lists? It was fine back when there were so few games but I really think that there should be some kind of search or tag system or something that makes it easier to find games rather than scrolling thru a large list.

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Probably Discourse, the company whose forum service we use did a UI update??

Maybe. We’ve been a little busy meeting Apple’s demands for an omnibus app.


Oh my apologies then. I thought you made this site yourselves lol

Feels. I know how Apple can be when it comes to getting stuff in their store. Good luck there.

I just wanted my concern to your attention as it’s doable now but soon you’ll have an amount of games that will make it more frustrating to scroll through on the current layout. Thank you for responding to me.