All games on site and discussions

Can someone make a list of all games on this site and discussions
meaning all games mentioned and hosted games


Games made by CoG

Choice of Dragon

Choice of Broadsides

Choice of Romance (edit can’t believe I forgot it)

Choice of Vampire

Games hosted on CoG

Popcorn, Soda … Murder?

The Nightmare Maze

What Happened Last Night?

Paranoia (the only one I have not played)


Land of Three Classes

Marine Raiders

Time the came out the oldest being on top newest on the bottom. There is also multiple games in the forums in the beta testing phrase.

MrYoungzman- Games that this site made.

Master List. I don’t know if there’d be any use in that, but if only in this forum we could have sub-forums. Separate categories for CoDragon, CoBroadsides, etc

Wait you weren’t looking for the list of the games?