What is this site about?

Is this a game recommendation site?

I only stay here for like 5 minutes and I still don’t get it what this site is about.

What CoG Forum usually talks about?


It’s about a particular company called Choice of Games that makes choose-your-own-path interactive novels.


You can write your own “Choice of Game” using ChoiceScript, so most of the traffic here is on Work In Progress (WIP) threads, where people share the game they’re writing for feedback from forim members.


Welcome. This is the place where the fans of CoG gathered and talk about many things, which you can see through the titles of each thread (or as Discourse calls it, Topics). The Forum is made available by CoG, powered by Discourse, as a place similar to r/interactivefiction where we talk things about IF (though mostly on titles in the Choices of Games/Hosted Games’s catalog).

If don’t mind my curiosity, how did you find the place here?


it a site known for the texted-based games

Lol, no clue man.