Where do I go to see stories?

My friend recommended me to this site and told me I could find a bunch of cool “choose your own adventure” games. Where do I go from here? What do I do?
I did the interactive tutorial with the robot guy but can someone show me around?
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Wow. There’s a 20 character minimum? Lol.

My friend. This is a forum site dedicated to test WIPs (Work in progress) until they can get to a finished stage and be added to an appstore as a hosted game.

These are almost always on a need to purchase basis. But yes you can read some here, but it’s usually to help the process of developing said story. Usually for spelling mistakes (low beta reading) or for looking at an over all picture and seeing how the story flows and how the people interact and making sure it all fits (high beta reading).

As you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of works in progress (es?). Lots of them don’t get finished. But the ones that do you can find in steam, or major appstores (Android and Apple). Many of them will allow you to read the first few chapters for free as an incentive to purchase the rest, and to show you what the story is about.

A small suggestion, Because you are new. Please, I am begging you. Go read the forum rules. It makes everyone’s life much easier and enjoyable if you do. No one will need to correct you and you won’t need to look foolish. Have fun reading.

In the forum you can check the games being written. If you want the end product you need to go to the site (just click on the choice of games icon with the orange background on the top of The page. Then you can teu the demos for the official games (“Our games” tab) or the hosted ones (Hosted Games" tab). Enjoy.

Completed games can be found in both Choice of Games and Hosted Games pages. Enjoy!


Welcome to the forum! since there’s no proper intro for you.

So… as the big words on the top part of the site, this place is a “Forum,” not a game-site.
To be precise, a forum of various experienced IF authors, wannabe ppl with their own IF, and many fans of IF. (IF stands for Interactive Fiction, btw. We prefer IF over CYOA)

Regarding your [quote=“Pandini, post:1, topic:27412”]
bunch of cool “choose your own adventure” games.
This forum contains many threads which is made by those wannabe authors and their WIP IF. Feel free to go to the [Works in Progress] category and explore each threads/topics.

And in case of clarification, this site is a forum, not a game-collection or anything.
Sorry, I think I have to emphasize this since your friend doesn’t explain you clearly what this site has.
Either way, feel free to join our smol community here!
You might want to create your own story at some point, tho.

Wecome to the Choice of Games forums!

Choice of Games is company that publishes and sells e-books in videogame format (CYOA). I feel I need to state this as its a common misconpcetion - do not be fooled by the “Free” offers, what they mean by that is that you’ll get the first chapters for free, sort of like a demo trial, but if you want to enjoy the full product you need to buy it.

That out of the way, these forums are more of a social meeting ground than anything else but there is one subsection here where a few people (rookies and professionals alike) share their WIPs (works in progress) for others to try and provide feedback. Authors here work at their own pace - under no circunstances are we allowed to pressure them into releasing things faster or asking for release dates. Also keep in mind that any game in the making may be subject to changes and some may never even be finished.

I suggest you read the rules of the forums to get aquainted with our ways. Be respectful, don’t cause drama, flag people if they are bothering you (within reason) and do not revive or bump threads (in the WIP section) that have been innactive for 14 or more days. That’s the gist of it. Happy browsing!

PS: The publisher is trying to create an inclusive enviroment towards all sorts of people. Be mindful of what you say, how you say it and avoid sensitive topics till you’ve tested the waters. For best experience I suggest you treat these forums as ‘family-friendly’. I know I’m probably being a pain but its for your own benefit in the long-run.


Welcome to the community!

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