The Sword of the Elements

Many thanks!! Yes, I’ve already understood that, I’ll fix all errors. Thanks you’ve mentioned about it on the facebook page!!

It will be fixed, trust me and thanks for your feedback!!

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So i just finish the game. Quite a long one i must say. There some typo but i think most reader can automatic think the right one when they read. About the stat, strength, will, leadership etc I’m not sure i miss it or not but they actually not been used right. they just keep piling up. Or the story does not need any minimum requirement of stat to progress the story?
Anyways thank for your work~

Does anyone else find it amusing that some of the comments on Android about Sword of the Elements having bad grammar have bad grammar themselves?

“I hope this Uzbekistan teen knows English,which sadly he don’t.But never mind,but please update this app and correct all the typos.Almost nothing is understandable,for the word arrangement is way too messy.And some brought the same meaning too.But the plot is great.At least that was if its not tainted with misspells.”

“The grammer is just not good, makes it impossible to try and get into the game, really wish I could get a refund”

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Thanks. You’ll need almost all you’ve earned in the second game.

Yes, I saw good reviews. I’m currently working on a modification. All will be fixed.

I thought the game was Fair to good 3.5 the game could have been better with grammar that was a bit clearer but that was never my strong suit. in your next installment im guessing you’ll be using a lot of editors to fix the English issues anyway,
on top of the fact i bought the game early on so very few fixes could be made after selling so i understand that. i very much liked the length of the game considered its only part one very impressive. the story depth was excellent and the world was very well buit

Drakeye The Evil Eight

Another thing to consider, Dmitry, is that you could always just submit a Russian (?) version of this. I’m sure it would be far better quality concerning coherence and grammar and all that. It’d be open to a far smaller market, but then I think you would get better reviews because the story would be written in your native language, and therefore better as a whole. If I recall correctly, CoG will publish HGs in other languages. In fact, I plan on having Colonising Kepler 62e: Inception translated into Spanish. So, that’s just a thought.

I was just wondering if any more effort has gone into this since the release to get the writing readable?
I know this is kinda beating a dead horse now, seeing as the game was released over four months ago, as well as this thread not being posted on in the same amount of time, but it would still be nice if effort was going in, and not just forgotten like it seems as of the moment.

Anyways, thanks if so, if not, well, then that’s the authors/his editors choice.

If this is considered nercoing, I sincerely apologize, I just wanted to know if the author still planned on fixing the grammar and legibility of the game.


It’s much easier said than done. There’s another thread on the subject here.

Thanks F.G, I actually didn’t see that thread! Hopefully I can help and such! :slight_smile:

Hello to all! Sorry me please for my long absence. Just I’m so busy last months, I have to train to an university. So, now I found some time and want to tell that I will suggest a modification to my game in about a week (or two) to HG. I finally decided to review the game myself, using grammar tutorials, so, I guess it’ll at least minimize errors in the game, making it more readable. I also deleted all repetitions, added something new in the game. Hope it’s a good step in improving the game.

what kill me about your game was the meaningless choices…and linear game, you can have add some quest or something to make the game more interesting and maybe some Ro, since all we did was rest,eat,walk again and again…, even when you choose to stand and not sit down, you still make the player to sit down… so whats the point in add choices in your game? unless you do something about that, i dont think i will replay it or buy your 2 one. Im sorry if im too hard, but im honest :wink:

This made me laugh, namely the last line. You can edit posts…
Edit: just to not seem mean or cruel, [Smile]

@fairlyfairfighter if u mean my post, i mean “hard” in a way of being too unkind

I have to agree with djisma. Choice of games is mostly about choices, and lack of choices make it feel uncomplete and linear. I hope you will fix that because I’d really like to enjoy your game.

Yeah, thanks for your answers). I understand).

@Sailendranath_Murmu It’s against the community guidelines to comment on threads that are more than three weeks dormant. To that end, your words and tone are unnecessarily harsh for this community. It’s not constructive to say that something is “horrible” even if you don’t like the story: your words can really have an effect on people who work hard and try their hardest. Please consider that before commenting or reviving dead threads in the future.

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After reading this ‘wonderful’ game I just had to write something about it.
BTW, after playing games like harvest moon I have come to understand that unless the door is closed you can enter people’s houses anytime you want.

That’s not the case here. The FAQ says not to bump dead threads; here and here variously describe WIPs as being dead after 14-28 days of inactivity. The last time anyone posted here was over 3 years ago, so… just something to keep in mind for the future. Reviving dead threads causes clutter in the forum.


FYI, the game itself is already published. Not sure if this one can be said as a dead thread.

Anyway, the @moderators should be able to take a better look on this.