The Sword of the Elements

Hello to all! I’ve almost finished to write the first part of the epic story. So, it’s a fantasy genre and based on my fantasy novels. The story can last during 5-6 games to the epic end. As far as I know there can be more than 1.000.000 words to the end. In my game I suggest you to go to journey to the world’s end to get the Sword of the Twenty Three Elements to battle with evil. That is only the first part. Your way lies through beautiful and dangerous places. You begin in one world and it is your choice how you’ll reach the Sword. You have many choices in the game, you have many abilities, you can choose and use what you want. There are many new races and creatures that you nowhere met; I’ve created their history and culture and I’m also creating languages for them. The rising evil is very strong: there are many new beings from the very various worlds. There are many battles and choices: it depends of you how the battle will take place. As far as I know from the third game of the epic story you have incredible freedom in your native world: you’ll be able to visit the most interesting places of your world but then perhaps there will be journeys not only in your world. Playing the game you’ll be learning about your world: races and places, their history. It’s only a beginning. The great war is coming and without you all will fall. The plot is very big. The fate of all depends of you. All races believe in you. You are their hope for a victory, only you can get the Sword. So, I hope somebody’s interested in this and I hope the Choice of Games will accept it when I’ll finish the first part and when I’ll submit it for them. Thanks.


What are the twenty-three elements? o.o

All know that there are only 4 elements: earth, air, water and fire. But in my universe there are twenty three elements and all of them are powerful. I can’t name them for now, but you’ll know about it later.

Is one of them me?

When will we get a demo?

Sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium. Batman!! I felt this had a place here the game sounds really cool

I hope soon. I’ve almost finished the first part. When I’ll finish it I must to check the game entirely. It’s not long.

Looks cool! Can’t wait!

Twenty three elements? sounds interesting :smiley:

3 of them could be rock, paper and scissors… And lizard and Spock.
That’s 5 you could use!

@Doctor @817819 @Bloodhawkereaper
Thanks! I’m glad you’re interested in this.

Sounds interesting, it would be cool if you added a evil path too, abusing the sword for evil, etc, etc. Will you be releasing a demo at any point in time?

I have to check the game entirely, finish to develop before a demo. I hope it’ll be already soon. And regarding the evil path. It’s good idea! Yes, it would be interesting. I’ll think about this. Thanks! It’s good tip!

Looking forward to the demo :smiley: keep up the good work!


Hello to all! A demo version of my game will be ready in a few of days! I’m working on this now!

Seems ambitious, a demo would give better materials to work with.

Elements that I know could be considered is Asian ones. Air does consist of lightning which could mean subcategories of elements. Seperating the lightning from the air to be two could be what’s considered but not entirely sure that works well. Im intrigued to know about 23 different elements.

Hmm, well using tv tropes as a guide there is:
1 Earth
2 Fire
3 Air
4 Water
5 Lightning
6 Ice
7 Light
8 Darkness
9 Wood
10 Death
11 Love
12 Metal
13 Spirit
14 Energy
15 Poison
16 Lava
17 Sun
18 Moon
19 Sound
20 Radiation
21 Time
22 Space
23 Gravity
24 Void

Hmm, that would have made the last airbender the “made on crack” edition, now wouldn’t it?

Wow, it’s a good guess but, no. I even didn’t think about all of these elements that you have written above.