Finishing old games


I don’t know about others but a few of my friends and I are a little more than disappointed with the whole game 2 of choice of the vampire or romance just hasn’t came out yet. its been awhile and they’ve made other games since.


no they haven’t? Are you talking about the user-contributed games?


CoG have released a number of games recently but these are all user-contributed games made by people on this forum using their Choicescript game language. We get to have our games hosted publicly by Choice of Games while they work on their own official games which can be released in parallel, and this looks to be causing considerable confusion.

This raises the point actually, I’ve been considering for a while that, especially on the app store for example, there should be more of a distinction between offical CoG games and community-made ones. Having a seperation on the main websites homepage isn’t enough since casual fans or people like me who generally play the games on ipod, they may not notice the difference; check the reviews on some of the games on the apple apps store, you’d be shocked at the amount of people who are getting disenfranchised with CoG mainly because they are used to the high standard set by official games and are then disappointed because they believe the user games aren’t up to the same standard just yet.

this would be fine EXCEPT in most cases many people don’t take the time to realise that’s what they are. In part because of the way their presented on the store, at first glance they look identical, and no disrespect to the creators of any of these amazing user games but it’s a little disheartening to know people may be getting turned off to the even more amazing work CoG do. I don’t want to see either party discredited and so maybe introducing some kind of watermark or logo on the app icons to clearly differentiate may make a positive difference! That way people get what they expect and realise that rather than standards “slipping” they are in fact created by amateurs in the first place and not the actual developers!


That is a good point, Dominic. Maybe some sort of logo, or a seal of approval, would make sure that people realise that CoG does such a good job, and yet allows the community to publish its work as well. Or better yet, in my opinion, make community CoG have a specific seal, saying that they are community-based, or conglomerate a load of CoG Community Games together, and make a pack from them?

I am pretty sure that all Choice of Games begin “Choice of”, however, and all the community games cannot start with that, which helps to differentiate, but still…


I agree they should have a sign that says Fan made or something to that effect.


This still hasn’t really made a point in the original question…


@ReperioVestriVia Well I agree that me and devex3 posts have not done much to answer the original question. Dominic Bishop has. Me and devex3 are just agreeing with him.


@DominicBishop We are in fact in the midst of doing just that, the part about forming a separate company for the Hosted Games anyway. We have to do that to differentiate on iTunes.


Awesome, looking back the way I worded that post was messy and as usual overly-dramatic, but it’s good to see you guys got there before me :slight_smile: it’s not that the user games are bad, it’s just that since your own games are so good you do need to do something to differentiate.

Look forward to the changes and as always good luck!


I thought the difference was obvious.


On here, yes. Through the app store, not so much.


On a related note, how much QA is there on the fan games? In terms of the fan games diluting the CoG brand image, it’s things like bugs and typos (mostly absent from core Choice of… games but relatively common in fan modules).