Tagging CoG FanFic on Ao3

Just a little sidenote:

If you wrote fanfic for any CoG OR HG title and uploaded it to Ao3, please do sort it into the Choice of Games category.
It exists, and currently has less than twenty entries, while a number of fics are just tagged with the game title.

Use it.

Thank you.


By category, do you mean the fandom and if so, what is the name exactly? Because I didn’t know such a group tag existed before now and, looking both through the fandoms listed on AO3 and the ones that pop up when I try to tag a work, I can’t find anything like the name Choice of Games

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It’s curiously not yet been marked as common, but it is choice of games:

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So. I tag wrangle several HG and COG fandoms on AO3 (basically, we wrangle the tags on your works to put them in their proper fandoms and such).

The reason why the Choice of Games tag is not on the filters because it’s a publisher name, and the archive does not allow it to be used as a canonical fandom tag (canonical tags are the tags showing up on the filters). Instead, we canonize specific game titles, ex. Wayhaven Chronicles, Heroes Rise, Samurai of Hyuga, etc.

I advice you guys to use the game titles as a fandom over the Choice of Games tag so that the tag would eventually be canonized and show up on the filters. Although using both is alright. :grinning: