Choice of Game and Hosted Game. Why the difference

Quick question… Jason why are user contributed games published by “Hosted Games” and not the same title as Choice of Games inc… I knew already that marine raider is under hosted games but I was hoping that since hosted games were related to CoG… I expected it to be on the same search page…I tried to find marine raider through searching choice of games and to my surprise all of the user contributed games are not there… I tried to find it by looking for related contents to choice of broadside… And found only popcorn soda murder… Anyways what I am saying is that for fans who love CoG… it would be easier for them to enjoy all the CoG books if it was published under the same name… making it easier when searched for on the market, so that it wouldn’t be such a hassle to find all CoG related content… besides, on user contributed CoG… you can just put down in the description with big bold letter saying that it is user contributed… and say it’s not by CoG inc… I think that option it would be easier…Because for those that do not come to the CoG community forum , they wouldn’t know that there was more published by CoG and is under the name hosted games… Do you guys at the forum agree with me? Or am just tripping out to much. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck, there are guys of the forums that still seem to think that User Contributed games were made by CoG. I can’t blame them a second for wanting to protect their name. I think that if you go searching, you’re going to run into the CoG site anyways, whether you come from one of the user games or one of the CoG games, so it really doesn’t matter.

Lol yeah but they should publish it in almost similar names… like Choice of Users. That way when searched for on the market you can find it with CoG… Don’t think you its a better idea and name then hosted games?

Eh, not really. You got to remember, anytime you stick your name on something, you’re endorsing it. For most everyone I think that there is at least one user contributed game you wouldn’t want people to think you endorsed. It lets them keep their own games separate from the rest, while still hosting them. Really, I don’t think it’s such a hassle, as you can always search through the person that uploaded the game anyways (at least on the android market).

Yeah I have a HTC thunderbolt… and to find the user contributed CoG is a lot harder if you don’t search using “hosted games”. Go to the market and search Choice of games and using just that try to find marine raider. Try it and hit me back. :wink:

You shouldn’t make fan-made games, which are in comparison a lot worse (In comparison; ignoring the professional ones they are ranging from good to great, but CoV,CoB,CoR and CoD are all a lot more professionally done than the others, with a lot more fluidity), then you lower the general quality of the games.

Because you get the professional class choice-of games only for its brand name, it means people know what quality level they will get when it comes to what they buy. You wouldn’t want to pay for an app which is riddled with spelling errors, is a battle to get through, to realise that you’ve finished it quicker than it would take to close down.

They should come up when they search for them though; CoG needs to make the choice of as tags. BUT remember (maybe most important of all)most of the fangames are NOT owned by Choice of Games. They are simply hosted on here. They need permission (probably) for a lot of the games to be posted up, and the game makers also will need to be the ones that provide the code required to make it into a flash file (so that it can be an app).

Ooh… lol I agree but during your second paragraph was what showed agreement… anyways… Devex3 where you been at? Lol you randomly come out of nowhere. :stuck_out_tongue: long time I no see you post…