How do I see the code for games purchased on Steam


I’m aware this topic has been discussed in the past, but a lot of the information is either outdated… or just useless to me because it got drowned in conversations about other things or didn’t really answer the question asked so please don’t try to redirect me to any previous conversation/thread. I read them all and they didn’t help at all.

Basically, I would like to look into the data/code of games brought on Steam. I just want to be able to see into the choices and what stats they require or boost, how to get certain achivements etc…


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Thank you in advance!

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It’s not the answer you’re looking for, but I always send a receipt to support and they unlock the game on the website, so you can see the code there

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I never did it with a choice script game on steam, but the process should be the same. Go to your library, right-click on the game, go to manage, browse local files, and look for the .txt files.

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Could you be a bit more specific on what you’ve tried so far and why the previous threads didn’t help? I’ve been using the method detailed in this post and just tested it again and it still seems to be working just fine.


I was able to do so with a guide in the past forums about this(cuz like you I was desperate for one for Steam)

I just need to find it and link it(although it was pretty complicated especially for someone with little knowledge of computers and code aka me)

It worked, although for some reason the “asar” code wasn’t working for my laptop but worked with my friend’s computer instead. But ehh

Edit: rip I just noticed you said don’t redirect, but honestly this was the one that worked for me(as of September 2021) and now I’m able to look at the Versus Trilogy code which came from my Steam copies of the game and on the og post it had a list of how to do it, but yeah… sorry about that

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Thank you everyone for your advice!

@Bae_Junhong I didn’t know that was an option, but I will certainly give it a try!

@Phantmwolf I tried as you described on several games, but sadly, there is only one .txt document named LICENSE.electron.txt and that’s if a .txt document even exists in the first place in the local files. I tried this method on Crème de la Crème, Fallen Hero: Rebirth, The Hero Unmasked!, The Soul Stone War, and Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One & Two.

@angi & @Netherate Don’t worry about the redirect, I still appreciate the help nevertheless. Sadly, this method is one I can’t actually use and it’s because of one dumb reason: I can’t run 7-zip on my laptop due to a corrupted setup in the past that basically made the program Schrödinger’s File: it can neither be set-up nor completely deleted off the laptop so I can try the set-up again. I use an almost 10-year old laptop running on Windows 7 that hasn’t seen an update since 2014 that is riddled with issues, not helped by me being not very computer literate. Still, I am glad to be reminded of this method, and will save it somewhere so I can use it in the future when I have the means to get a new laptop with updated software.

(Sorry for deleting my previous reply, angi, I realized I should put all replies in one post to avoid cluttering the whole thread, however short it is.)

Everyone, again, thank you so much for all your help! I believe I will try Bae_Junhong’s method, but it’s still good for me to have alternative options.

I did it on my phone using an apk app to access the files. The process might be similar on the PC.

You might have to dig around a bit to find the scene file and get to access the .txt files. As you can see on the screenshot, I went to assets, my game, scenes.

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Hello, I just wanted to update all of you before I forgot!

I went back to save the 7-zip methods linked to me, and it seems like that method does not work on newer games anymore, so I used the alternative Node.js method described in the redirect provided by @Netherate, and it worked like a charm! I’m not sure how but it did!

I double- and triple-checked everything I was doing because, again, I’m bad at computers and I didn’t really have the best experiences messing with cmd and such parts of the computer (plus it was talking about Windows 10, which I clearly don’t have so it was shot in the dark here), and I did it! I managed to extract the scenes in The Fog Knows Your Name without any issues! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I recommend this new method as well if you are on desktop, because believe me, if I can do it without messing anything up, so can you.

Safe to say, this thread has been resolved! :grinning:

@Phantmwolf Thank you for another alternative method! I’m not an Android user so I couldn’t have used this method anyway, but it will certainly help someone who does use Android and wants to read game codes as well.

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Go to Steam, then steamapps, then common. Select a CoG game you have installed, go to resources and open the app.asar file. That’s the code.