Expanding the community!

Though not an active member I am an avid lurker in the Choice of Games forums. Our little community is of a good size, but I believe it would improve greatly if grown. I say we should all find a way to pitch in, and assist with expanding Choice of Games. A single popular post on a social media website like ‘Reddit’ could mean a huge difference. A larger community would not only create a greater incentive to write CoG’s but would also bring in more writers.
What say ye?

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I don’t know… Either way sounds good to me. Hate to throw our nice MODs under the bus, but *thunk thunk thunk thunk* I’d say it’s up to them.

“Did we hit something?”
“I don’t know, let’s check.”
*Vrrrrr thump thump thump thump*
“Oh shit, we did. Well, you call the police, and we’ll just go on our merry way”
*boop beep bee-VRRRR thumpthumpthumpthump*

Hmm, you could share games with your friends to get them interested too.
I have a friend who’s a fan of wrestling, so if I were to let him play Slammed! on my account, he would probably get hooked

Allowing others to read your previously purchased copy instead of suggesting they take a look at the demo isn’t a good way to support the authors.

I agree with Samuel, but the site does have free games you could show them

It’s also better for CoG if the readers download the stories instead of reading them off the website, since the website doesn’t have ads.

half of free games are horrible being sincere, but with Dragons broadsides and maybe the race could do

If you’re gonna suggest a free game, I’d suggest Choice of the Dragon, Choice of the Vampire, Choice of Broadsides, Choice of Romance, The Race, and Zombie Exodus

I think that there should be a few more free games… I don’t know, that’s just my thoughts.

@Doctor Think in how many time people invest in create their stories. Many of writers have a demanding job or families they steal time to sleep or other hobbies. So they deserve being paid for it same if i go to a sweet shop for a cake i pay it Dont say This cake should be free, sadly i´m not Mara in real life and i couldnt use her persuade bonus. =)) . I like free things but i understand that without publicity Cog has to been paid. I have bought 99% of their games except the ones so bad i have a headache only thinking about it … nevermore another cloud fiasco. And like a customer i demand quality products for my money and hell 99% deserve been more expensives .
The Cog competitors have nasty policies like chop mediocre linear stories with only a real path. Put a half nude girl pick in the cover, even if have zero sense with story and pay 2´99 dolars for each chapter .they even give one free so charitable they are. so for me this company is more customer friendly,

and that’s why arrive here then i make friends here and is like a second home for me, I make fun and try help people along the way. If some day i finished my nanowrimo im in 35,000 right now it would be free, due i have no enough quality to charge a penny. so @Doctor you all least could play my horrible game for free

It took me about 14 months to complete Trial of the Demon Hunter. Do I deserve to get payed (at the very most) $1,000 a year because people don’t wanna spend a coupple dollars? Think of it this way; the price is a $2 difference for the reader, but thousands of dollars difference for the author.

Nevermind then…

I mean if I let my friend play my copy of Slammed!, he may get interested in text-based games in general. Since the topic of this thread is on getting more people to join the community, I was just sharing my thoughts. Of course, if my friend likes the game enough to want to own it, he’ll buy it.

Does CoG really have a readership that will make a thousand and more dollars difference? And don’t you read books for free at a library? I feel that reaching out to more readers is more important to you, the author, and to this company than the extra couple of dollars.

Heroes Rise 1 and 2 sold over 20,000 copies each. Zachary makes $.53 everytime a copy is sold. He therefore makes over $21,000 a year from his gamebook series. That’s a massive difference from the $2,000 he’d make (at the very, very, most) from a giving away his stories for free. And CoG has obviously shown that they’d rather make a decent profit and build a dedicated readership of fans willing to pay a couple of dollars for interactive novels that have the word count of conventional novels that sell for $20 than have to shut down the company because of the near nonexistant profit, and because the majority of their “fans” expect to have everything handed to them, and don’t think for a second about how many months or years the author took to write the gamebook.

@cilvercat You have to think this from a comercial perspective. If you give something free you in theory more readers. Yeah, that give you zero revenue ZERO. You have a family or a rent to pay you couldn’t pay it with hugs. The free apps you see make money from publicity and in app purchase. Cog was banned from google so no publicity revenue. So number of readers is less important than the two dollars . If you buy a cocacola you have to pay it. Public library pay fees to authors and editorials when buy the book lol, so that book is not magicaly free ,this is real world and you need money in it.

Well said, @MaraJade

I mean I don’t think it’s aburd for me to want to be able to get payed for doing what I love

@Samuel_H_Young Exactly, if you where a carpenter noone expected you give them the table you hand made or your wood sculptures. No one goes to Mcdonald’s and Say You are a multinational worker give me my Macmenu for free!.

Suddenly we enter in a electronic media and has to be free … I know you have spend 1,000 hours of your life in this, but i want it freeee :(( . I don’t talking about no one in this forum Im sick of my country or spanish country zero stars in Google with this text translate Lol, They want i pay for rest of game , why i have to pay for a game?. if it where free i would give them 5 points. I go to see if i could torrent it.

X( im very angry because i know @Nocturnal_Stillness from the forum and he don’t deserve that valoration his work deserve been paid at least the same that guy waste in a beer.
If Rowling never was paid for first Harry Potter the saga never would be written ,she was a single unemployed mother without a revenue to feed her family she never could have time to write the rest. Writers need food clothing pay bills same as carpenters.

I think what @cilvercat is trying to say is that you don’t give ALL of your books for free, but you also have to think about this in a way that will attract others easily. Yes, if someone were to buy it instead, that’s another $.53 in your pocket, but think about this in the long run: If I got my friend hooked on a game and made him replay it non-stop, he’s going to go on the app store and buy all the other games as well. If you wrote something fantastic, then he’d more than likely will buy it too.

If everyone else started doing this then the CoG readership may multiply really, really quickly. In the end, you’d get more profit: you would have to sacrifice a few gamebooks at first, but the result would be more readership and more people will download your gamebooks. You know, can’t really gain something if you don’t sacrifice something. So really, I’d say that we need to think about this in the long run.

We’re not asking you to give your game away for free to thousands of people; but if you’re not going to allow someone to play a game that your friend already has, you’re going to look, frankly, really stingy and that might even turn people off. Kind of like Xbox & its DRM issue before they retracted it.