Seriously WTF!

this is the last straw!! why are we getting all these demos!! im getting suck and damn tired of these games that you have to buy to play the rest!!! why cant we have the games you could play all you want for free like before? I want free games and not this demo shit! i tried to convince myself that it will all stop. But with a new release of yet ANOTHER demo game(To the City of the Clouds) im pretty pissed!

it is a business,these games being free is unrealistic

dont give me that “its unrealistic” crap! the other games on here are free (choice of vampire,dragon etc) and plus there is this other site called that has a wide selection of good story’s that are free. and im sure this site can do the same.

Choose your story games don’t exactly have the same amount of depth or time put into them that most of ours do. Usually they are alot like heroes rise, with false choices that lead to the same thing anyway, with the occasional end game. Choice of dragon, romance, and vampire were all free originally, but then they were charged for, even if they are free on the sight. Besides, most of the ones that have come out lately are from paid writers, it is their choice wether to have the full game up or not, not choice of game’s. They want to make money, and posting things for free wouldn’t make them as much money as it could, because some people, possibly like yourself, would just go online and play it there instead of purchasing them. Besides, All the games on the forums have full demos, and will most likely be free online once finished, as they will still be posted on dropbox, and they are the majority. So this probably won’t last long.

Doesn’t help that google ads won’t allow to sport advertisements anymore (search the blog).

@bocoom Do you work for free? If so, I have a job opening for you . . . If not, what gives you the right to suggest that your time is any more valuable than my own (or CoG’s)? Why should you be compensated for your time but refuse to compensate us for ours?

@Syndicate I’m not getting involved in the free/purchase debat but you’re being extremely unfair. CYSG have some epic games, Endmaster’s Eternal for example would command in my view, a purchase fee of at least two-three times as much in value that the majority of COG’s offerings. Yet it is free. I’m not entirely sure comparing it to Rise of heroes (or whatever) is a good thing because that only really proves his point -_-;;

Anyway, I’ll just defend CYSG, they do have some top tier games well worth reading that trounce COG’s offerings. If there’s an issue I think its the fact that COG perhaps needs stronger quality control if its going to position itself into the ‘pay’ market. They can’t be dishing out uh-oh stories like perhaps heroes rise and the recent ones to come out as pay options when it’s far more sensible for the customer to go elsewhere for better offerings.

Not that it’s any skin off my nose though.

Well If you want to say that these games are in debth thats wy they cost I have a problem. The best CoG were free, the ones I’ve bought have been short or un fun, excluding heroes and way walkers. those were great!

@Antitorpiliko The value of something is, and always will be, subjective. For instance, you clearly enjoyed Heroes Rise and so (presumably) thought it was worth the money. Other voices on the forum have expressed the opposite opinion.

I don’t object to anyone voicing an opinion either way, but I do object to @bocoom’s suggestion that just because there are free offerings available, every game of this type should be free. If that were the case, I can guarantee that there would be far fewer games available here, and certainly much less ambitious ones than some currently in development.

Some of us, at least, are genuinely trying to raise the bar: @RVallant makes a very good point.

I definitely see both sides. To charge more , players need great stories, but to attract professional writers, the has to be there.

I know with ZE (some may argue it is worth $ or not), the effort it takes to write, code, edit, re-code, re-edit, re-re-code, etc. turned this from hobby to side job. If I wanted to keep it a hobby, ZE would not be anywhere near as large in scope as it has become. And trust me, I’m not making much off of it.

The revenue of games is split among the app store, CoG, and the writer. For CoG and the writer, the revenue defers costs.

For games like Choice of Dragons, advertisements helped with costs, and since there was little competition on the app store for such games and it was such a great game, lots of downloads resulted which made it worthwhile for CoG to keep it free.

Obviously there will be free games available on various sites, but they are hard to come by. I enjoy some fan fiction that is free, but finding the best is difficult. I am glad CoG gives free demos, so I can try the game before I buy it. It has saved me $ at times, when a game’s premise was intriguing, yet the demo did not keep my interest.

@Vendetta don’t give me that horse shit! im ok with pay to play games. but so far we have a long sting of them coming and i dont see a new free one in sight. i bet you when the next game comes out it will be pay to play. Maybe it would not be so bad if the pay to play games were actually better then the games i can play on CYSG for free! but no its pretty mediocre and will not be bamboozled into buying a piece of shit game! Long story shot, keeps your shit up to par before you sell it! because i can get a hell of alot better for free!

@bocoom Dude calm down, I admit I miss the days of free COG but its only like 2 dollars and each game is pretty damn big. No ones forcing you to play them. Also I’ve played a lot of CYSG and its no way near the quality of COG.

I always liked the system of online its free but downloading costs. I have trouble playing some of the new games being on windows phone and having to play them all from chrome on my PC. Have you guys ever considered going to windows phone?

Hey, hey, hey, calm down, @bocoom, we ARE NOT IN CHARGE of COG so, stop hating on us guys on the forum. Believe you me I’d also like games for free and most of the games from the guys on the forum are for free, not all are in full length and detail but I can tell you in most certainty that three games from us forum guys are worth the money (Ie ZExodus, Way Walkers, and Wizards Choice). Besides we can’t run under the COG label unless we are authors with at least one work to our name. And if you are an author who wants to write a COG heck you’d be spending a LOT of time and energy on COG and coding where you could be writing for someone else making more money so most likely you’d want to be compensated for your time. And before you start hating even more, why don’t YOU make a game on the Choice Script Engine (in full length and detail) and ONLY THEN tell us how you’d like to part with a work of your blood sweat and tears and time for ABSOLUTELY nothing huh?

*if (you_have_a_problem_with_cog) and (you_like_cysg)
 *goto cysg
Quit complainin' 

I agree with you on the fact that some of the more recent games are perhaps not up to par with the originals, but guess what: you don’t have to buy them.

I mean, if you don’t like them (or think they’re mediocre), why is it such a problem that they cost money? I mean it doesn’t sound like you’d actually want to play them anyway.

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Sigh, a member complaining about the cost of games…well heres my opinion, the people who make these games (JimD, Vendetta, and ScarletGeisha are among my favorites) put time they could use doing other things into making these games, good example is Zombie Exodus, amazing game with a great story that could take hours to get all possible outcomes, very realistic(ya know…minus the zombies), and Jim has been working on it for almost a year and a half, it only makes sense that we need to pay a small amount for the game. And thats just one game, there are many more games that are just as good. I understand your anger though but if you have an issue why not just take it up with Jason?

@bocoom Hmm. Okay, I guess the only response to your blatant trolling is: yes, you most definitely should take your own advice and go elsewhere for your free games. You have absolutely no appreciation for what this site is all about, and no respect for the people here or the massive effort they put into their games, nor for any opinion other than your own decidedly cheapskate one.

Hey did you leave him some cold water for that burn?

@Vendetta im trolling? you call this trolling? if you want to see me troll ill SHOW you some trolling! this is nothing!!! anyway i see that its pointless complaining to you guys. you dont see m to have any pull around here so i might as well be talking to mooks. im done I just dont want to see one of my favorite sites go down the shit hole

@Vendetta Well said.

@bocoom ey, dafuq U complaining to us for? we ain’t your personal whining committee so if you really wanted to change something why don’t you just argue with a COG rep cuz we ain’t it