Average Downloads per Game?

Does anyone know about how many downloads a game gets, on average? I tried to find it on the forum, but had no luck.

I had a look yesterday most of the hosted games had 500+ downloads some had 1000+ Zombie Exodus had 10,000+ the free ones had 50,000+

At least as far as Google Play’s concerned, @Nocturnal_Stillness seems to have it pretty much right, give-or-take.

It’s all a little humbling to see, really. :expressionless:

@Lucid just announced having 6,000 downloads for Life of a Wizard. https://www.facebook.com/LucidsGames

Thanks for the information!

@Cataphrak I checked that out recently and it seems we have merely one post and very few followers. We really should try to use reddit more because I feel that all of the age groups are covered on that site and there are people with a variety of tastes.

I did a little more looking and on Heroes Rise Facebook page it says it’s sold over 20,000 copies across all platforms! https://www.facebook.com/HeroesRise

It’s been released for a year now.

i thought these were far more spread then that… thats a little depressing considering these stories are practically my life at this point…

If I wrote as a full-time job, I could probably crank out 2-3 full-length works a year. If I could manage that and get 20-25k sales a year, that should be more than enough to support me.

Of course, I’m a 21 year old university student. It’s not like I have kids or a mortgage to support.

New games alone won’t increase the popularity, there’s things such as advertising and marketting which also have a place to play. Choice of Games isn’t even mentioned on wikipedia (does it not meet the notability guidelines?) not even on pages where it may be considered relevant.

I don’t see any Choice of games adverts, not even on the sites which I think Choice of Games would sell well on. Choice of Games have a number of unique selling points that separate them from the usual type of gamebooks.

Then there’s the price point of the games, and how easy it is to purchase them. It’s only very recently that those in some countries can buy the games via the windows store. Before even if they’d wanted to buy the games they just couldn’t.

20,000 sales for a game is amazing in some regards. Compared to some of the indie games I play, which are looking at just 2,000 sales in order to be considered a financial success. (Admittedly those games are selling for over $20.)

Are the games selling in a manner which indicates further growth is just a matter of time? What’s the major stumbling blocks towards reaching higher sales of the games that do exist? Better advertising? Higher quality of games. Different game topics? Just wait and hope?

  1. Remember, @Rhodes, we’re banned from using Google’s advertising functions.

  2. Strange as it may sound, other than word-of-mouth, our best source of new users at this point seems to be StumbleUpon. Which is to say, you should all go use StumbleUpon to bookmark our games. Or, at least, as they come out, do so. The more people that tag the games, the more times it come up randomly when people “Stumble”, and it creates a virtuous cycle.

  3. We’ve recently tried iAd and Facebook ad campaigns. The problem is that our games are inexpensive. Facebook ads for games are for games that have a pricetag of $50+, so paying $10 or more for an “acquisition” is not unreasonable. But for us to pay $10 to sell a $3 game is ludicrous. Facebook literally left our money on the table; we gave them a budget, and they just stopped trying with less than 15% spent. Similarly, we spent money on iAds, and got 1 click for $100.

@FairyGodfeather Well, if every game could do what Heroes Rise did, that would go a long way towards what we need. Unfortunately, not every game does that well.

If we could get to the place where our games were regularly selling 25,000 or more copies in the first year, we’d be in a much better place.

@zolo999 yeah, believe me, I wish they were further spread. We want to make enough money that Dan can quit his job and do this full time. We’re definitely not there yet.

What sort of sales levels are you looking at for that to be possible?
Or will it just happen when you hit a certain volume of games?

Well mostly what we need is new games from what i see there will be a rush of games in one or 2 year from all the wip’s so that will increase the popularity and cog we get more money

i think ads and more games because more the games more likely cog is gonna be searched up

I agree about the aggressive advertising. Every friend I’ve introduced these games to have really enjoyed them - but they never heard about CoGs until I dragged them into it.

I sent the games to a few people I went to uni with; one liked them so much she gave her little brother the link. She didn’t know apps like this even existed. I only found them by Googling ‘choice games like Altar Ego’.

I found out about these by searching “dragon” in the App Store! I have been hooked ever since!

Getting more reviews (especially favourable ones) on some more gaming sites wouldn’t hurt.