Aiedra's Choice of Games Suggestions


Hey everyone! I’m Aiedra, and I decided to open this thread as a pool of ideas for CoG games and others who wish to make interactive fiction.


  1. A game based around founding and building a corporate empire

  2. A game based around founding a noble house (medieval fantasy)

  3. A game devoted to the necromancy arts. (Muhaha!)

  4. A pirate game (Hopefully during the Golden Age of Piracy)

  5. A Cold War spy game

  6. A WW2 game

  7. A game about the samurai shortly after the arrival of the Americans in Japan

  8. A Civil War game

  9. A game about becoming a monarch (Or someone could finish one of the several that are lost on the forums. :wink: )

  10. A game regarding the Opium Wars and Opium trading companies (stole this idea from the book Tiapan)

  11. A Sherlock Holmes game

  12. A boxing game

Feel free to add on to these ideas to help the noble writers who spend their time for our entertainment.


Umm I have a very similar thread to this lol


:open_mouth: I was browsing the forums and couldn’t find one was a bit surprised not to find one so I thought I’d make it, but seeing as you already have, we might as well close this one. My apologizes. :slight_smile:


@Aiedra it’s cool no worries :slight_smile:


By no means am I saying not to make one, but I think a game about necromancy is already being developed. Nearly ready for publishing under the ‘choice of’ label actually, called Neighborhood Necromancer, by the author who wrote Eerie Estate Agent. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your ideas too, and creating the thread. The ideas suggested that would involve political intrigue and backstabbing sound like they could be promising especially, if handled right. (I’m thinking of the noble house founding here, and the monarch one, as I reckon they could lead to a lot of Game of Thrones type situations.)


Does anyone think a game where you play as like a bounty hunter/mercanary sound good?
You could choose character: elf, dwarf, orc, or human. You can be a lone wolf or have a group that you work with. Can choose what missions you want to go on like hunting down a bandit group or a dragon is terrorizing the land and you get paid to drive it away or kill it.


@ret922, that sounds badass!