Haze Vermillion Fanart!

Truly, Tally Ho and Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale have taken over my brain because they propelled me to create fanart!

Presenting Haze Vermillion as I see him haha :sparkling_heart:

I just LOVE Tally Ho and the Jolly Good series so much. I’ve replayed both games and I haven’t gotten tired of them at all. I’m a puddle of love after each playthrough haha

I will be working on Fitzie and Valentine. I may even try to draw the servant and the jolly good fellow but we shall see :eye: :lips: :eye:

Thank you for viewing :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


uhhh also sorry if the tattoo isn’t visible i figured it’d still be covered up in this angle haha :point_right:t5: :point_left:t5:

This pleases me so much. The eyelashes are working for me.



(This is wonderful! I love it!)


Thank you so much! It means a lot to me to hear that you like my art. Thank you for all the great work you’ve done in your games :sparkling_heart:

If you’d like to have the piece in its full size and better resolution, please let me know! I can send it over through any means you prefer :smile:

Thank you!! :sparkling_heart:
Very much husband :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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