Imagine Flying (WIP)


Hello :slight_smile: I am new here and this is my first time posting something. I have an idea for a game and I am writing it but I am worried that the story is not interesting enough so I want to share the plot so I could know if it is interesting or if I can do something to make it more interesting or if I should just move on to an entirely new game.

Here is the idea, at the beginning of the game, you play as a seven year old(you grow as the story progresses), then you saw a phantom like creature while you are climbing the stairs. He intends to grant your wish or your dream because of something good that you have done. Since you are only a kid, you don’t have a proper or grand dream yet so he decided to stay with you for awhile until you know what it is that you truly want. The dreams that you could aim are for your family, for romance, or for your career. However, after you were able to realize your wish, the phantom will give you a series of challenges to compensate for granting the wish. I was thinking that the challenges are going to be like solving simple mysteries. While clearing the challenges you may still change your wish. Because things may come up like your brother getting sick. There will also be flashbacks to why the phantom became a phantom (since his appearance is that of a teenage boy/girl and he/she was also a human once).

The key to the game is to clear the challenges. I am thinking of a lot of endings, both good and bad, based on the choices, though as you play, you might not realize the relevance of some question but your choices will definitely affect the story.

I was thinking of elaborating more but I think that will do for now? I am not really good at summaries (and titles). Still thank you for reading this! I will really appreciate comments and suggestions. I will also understand if the idea is not good enough. I am actually a beginner and I just want to try doing this because it seems fun. However please don’t be too harsh :persevere:


I really like the idea! But will your wish come up throughout the story? If so that will make for a lot of different pages depending on your wish.


Will the challanges be life threatening or miscellaneous.


Thank you very much :grinning: yes, there wish will come up throughout the story. I also think that it will make the writing really long for the different scenarios and outcomes.


It will be miscellaneous :slight_smile:


Could be entertaining.


Sounds interesting can’t wait to try it


It sounds like an interesting premise for a game to me. (Plus it helps that I love solving mysteries.) :blush:


I think the idea has promise! It seems like a cool concept. Now, the part of trials caught my interest. These are the flesh of your story no? The trials you must go through that shape you and the outcome.

Hmmm. If you want to the game to engage the reader, I would not have menial puzzle tasks. I feel like, even a small, action based trial or two at the pinnacle with small misc. ones leading up to it would be the best idea here. As you said you want to engage your readers, so I think a mix of action and puzzle( like any good rpg) should be incorporated.


That was a very good idea! Thank you very much :smile: The mix of action and puzzle is indeed very interesting and engaging.


hello, this is rather intresting and I think this game shall go down rather well with most o the forum since most of us do enjoy a good puzzle (I dare bring up monument vally heheheh) and plus it is a good way to test an authors strenghs and weaknesses and I personally see it as a good diversion when writing romance and sappy/mushey moments, I would elaborate further right now but as I am in lessons and ‘meat’ to be doing work I am very limited. If you need a small cheerleader just summon me and I shall do my best with memes and jokes (good ones I guarantee). I swear I fell asleep yesterday for the first two lessons!


Thank you very much for your encouragement :blush: it made me very happy