The Destiny of Androids (WIP Title) (Interest Check)

Androids can break their programming.


What type of stats will we have?

Well you know what they say, you can never have enough games about artificial intelligence

Bicentennial man is a movie…



This sounds like a very good, easy to manage idea.

I think it would be a good idea to have the start (where we can choose gender, etc) and then go into a part with tons of greyed out choices, to show your lack of free will, but then a bug or something allows you to make any choice you want


I love the idea, we certainly don’t have many android stories. So yes, I very much wanna check out the demo!

To be honest these are open to interpretation and loopholes without any need for bugs to occur :slight_smile:

What does being loyal here mean? Is following every order of your owner included? Then that owner can simply order you to, for example, assault other human (who’s not the owner) for your brain to fizzle out by being caught in an endless loop. That is best case scenario if there were safeguards.

At worst, with this exact ruleset, you’d have to carry out the task because rule #1 has the highest priority and rule #3 does not strictly contradict with #1.

Always love these type of stories can what to see what you bring to the table

Fuck yeah, I’ve been itching to play games with the MC as a non-human.


Yes please! I can’t play Detroit cause ps4 games are expensive so I’d like to play yours! :smile:


Defo Detroit inspired can we get our own rebellion or no


you really need to watch Bicentennial man if you’re gonna make this game. The premisse is very similar.

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I’m interested. It’d definitely sounds like it’d be an interesting read. I am also curious what kind of stats we’d have. And as was mentioned I’m sure there would be loops holes in the rules given to androids. And I’m sure like in I-Robot someone would make an android that can ignore those rules lol.

I’ve just finished Detroit! I’m looking forward to this game!


Hi! Unfornatuely, I would not be interested. Androids… Not my cup of tea and never was =/

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Well, I don’t want to undermine the person above me. Except. Androids ARE my cup of tea. I really want to see this happen.

I loved DBH! Another reason id be excited for a game such as this. It sounds wonderful!

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I love new ideas and approaches for games (as well as well executed ‘old’ ideas and approaches, ha!), so I’d love to see what you come up with.

Ever read ‘The Silver Metal Lover’ by Tanith Lee? It’s good book, I think, and might spark some ideas if you have not yet read it. :blush:

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