Mafia Wolves...title is a is everything else

She’s a succubus. Please let me be right…


Mwahahahaha. :zipper_mouth_face:

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I am pleased that I will have opportunity to romance all three of my favorite boys

Don’t worry, Mac, I probably love your cat more than I love myself and you, too. Deep voice is best voice, btw.

Also no worries if Maxine isn’t in the game. The girls already confirmed are interesting in their own rights and I’m sure I’ll come to like them too :blush:


Locked in! :smile:
Now that that’s done, I’ll work on better bios for the two of them, then start/continue worldbuilding and plotting.

Thank you guys for your input. :blush:

Situations presented without much context…because it’s fun and I’m procrastinating:

Finley: We could go dancing.
MC: surprised You can dance?
Finley: I didn’t say that…

Rita: nearly in tears Why don’t you like me?
Mac: rolls his eyes and plucks a hissing Bluebell off the top of a bookshelf, she immediately starts purring It couldn’t possibly be because you periodically chase her around shouting at her to love you, could it?
Rita: lets out a strangled whine

Mac: talking about reading If it doesn’t have dragons in it I don’t really care.

Finley: We could just kill them all.
Sofia: …or we could not do that.

Finley: Alright, I’ll block the gunshots, you two get out of here.
MC and Sofia: What?!
Finley: nods Let’s do this.

Rita: How did you get her to like you so much? I’ve tried everything and she hates me.
Jenna: lightly stroking a purring Bluebell behind the ears You just need to know how to touch her.
Rodrick: looks up from his book with a smirk I’m sure you know plenty about how to…pauses, glancing at Rita…pet cats.
Jenna: bites back a laugh, rolling her eyes
Rita: …? I suddenly feel uncomfortable…?

Mac: Alright, Blue, sit!
Blue: …flops down on her side and begins grooming herself
Mac:…We’re still working on it.

Rita: I need you to leave.
MC: What? But-
Rita: I need to focus right now, and when you’re around I have a hard time focusing on anything other then you.

Sofia: talking to a romanced MC I can’t afford to show any weakness in front of the other families, so if you could be less…you in public, I’d appreciate it.

Finley: You’re hardly even a member of this group, you don’t get a say in what we do!
Jenna: …See, this is why Mac is my favorite.
Mac: genuinely happy smile

EDIT: ALSO I DID A THING. EDITEDIT: Oh snap, fixed it.


I’m so excited. Really really really looking forward to the demo. Fighting author!!

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These snippets of conversation make me very eager to play the game and experience the group dynamic.

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I’m considering changing Finley’s hair color to light brown. Thoughts/does that matter to you guys?

Also I’m working on fleshing out the other three families you’ll be interacting with.

Edit: 'Nother thing. I’m considering having your previous occupation being different depending on gender. (Wow that’ll probably be a pain to code. :stuck_out_tongue: ) For example a fella could have been a soldier, while a gal might have been able to make it as a boxer, in some circles. :thinking: Still wouldn’t be common, but seems more possible then being a soldier at that time. Thoughts?

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Tbh i dont really mind his hair either way so you could toss a coin
Also what other backstories would we have for MC and what kind of boxer like profesdional or some underground type thing
Not the biggest fan of genderlocking things but its your game

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Eh I could always just cut out soldier and let you be a boxer regardless, I suppose.
Probably underground. Pretty rough stuff.

Other occupations I’m considering include:

and maybe a Burglar.
They’d all effect your starting skills. A boxer would have higher strength, a Waiter/Waitress would have higher people skills, a Secretary would have higher intelligence, and a Burglar would have either stealth or street-smarts, depending on which I settle on.


Hmmm…maybe with a solider you could have a firearms stat…where he is more skilled with a gun Perhaps right before you could have it where he pulls a gun (pistol) and blams someone…or whatever

I don’t mind Finley’s hair either way, so it’s up to you.

That said, while I wouldn’t mind having a special-to-gender option, you could perhaps make it more even and just as enticing an option to choose as the others (so it doesn’t feel useless to have as an option), like instead of soldier doing the same thing as boxer in terms of stats, it could maybe affect different stats, more than one even, and add something different to the story. And a female MC could have still served. In the 1920s that most likely would have been as a military nurse. (Which could also affect different stats than a soldier. And this is under the assumption you use the other four for any gender) So that makes it more of a special option, and thus, reason to include it in the first place.

Even if the something different just amounts to some flavor text, or one special scene. Again, back to making it even, that could also apply to the other occupations. (Would a waiter/waitress have the same reaction to suddenly being taken in by the mob as a burglar might? :thinking: Even something small like that)

I’m not sure if any of that’s helpful, or I conveyed it properly, but in the end it IS your game and depends on what you want to include (read: what you want to code :laughing:)


You make many a valid point, my friend. :thinking:

This is a very good point, and the answer is no. :slight_smile:

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You have no idea how badly I want to name the city everything takes place in Silver City…A place pretty much over run with werewolves named Silver City…snickers


DO IT! JUST DO IT! If you don’t want to be that obvious you could go with Argentum! Besides it sounds very fancy even if it just means “Silver” (snickers Silver City…)


image ?

:rofl: I’m actually considering it. It’s kinda silly though. Might see about thinking up a few more names and tossing up another poll. That’s been pretty helpful so far.

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Will there be beta test if so sign me up mafia werewolves come on who doesn’t want to play that

Still in the early planning stages, but hopefully eventually yes.

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