Mafia Wolves...title is a is everything else

Mafia won the poll, so…

You’re a human who winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses a violent werewolf on werewolf fight. You’re taken in by one of the groups involved, both for your own safety, and to keep you quiet. As time goes by you find yourself acclimating to your new lifestyle and quirky companions, but the fights between The Families are getting more violent by the day…

  • Six RO’s are currently what I have planned. Three boys, three girls.

~Mafia Wolves RO’s~ (Will continue to update and improve.)

Sofia Lucciano

Sofia Lucciano
Age: Mid-Late twenties
Height: 5’7
Occupation: Leader
Appearance: Toned, tanned skin, long dark brown hair, usually tucked under a hat. Intense dark brown eyes. She has a deep scar on the right side of her face from just under her ear down to her chin, and a long scar across her torso.

Growing up as the daughter of a well-known are relatively well liked Mafia leader had its perks. Sofia never wanted for anything she couldn’t easily get her hands on…other than a more active role in the business. As his only daughter, her father wanted to keep her as far away from any possible conflict as he could, much to her frustration. Her older brother, on the other hand thought she should be aware of everything that was going on for her own safety, which is also why he was the one to teach her how to fight. By the time she was fifteen, she was able to just about match him in a fight, much to his pride. He started sneaking her out with him on jobs, and to meetings with the other families, teaching her everything he could, and quizzing her on what she should do should she be in certain situations. Everything she learned quickly proved invaluable a few years later, after her father’s sudden assassination and her brother’s death in the ensuing gang war only a few years later. Forced into a position she was hardly prepared for with a gang who hardly knew her, she had an uphill battle to fight. Through some cunning, she was able to shift her gang out of the spotlight so they could lick their wounds as the other gangs tore each other apart, though the years took their toll and their numbers are worryingly low. Her main focus is currently to protect their territory, a task which is getting harder and harder as attention slowly shifts back in their direction…

FUN FACT: If you romance her she will pretty much melt at your touch, she’s utterly starved for a little TLC.

Mac Beasley

Mac Beasley
Age: 28
Height: 6’4
Occupation: Cleaner
Appearance: Dark skin. Tall, broad, and muscular. Short cropped hair, neatly trimmed facial hair, friendly brown eyes.

Though Mac cuts an imposing figure, he’s a huge sweetheart. He cleans the area up after the gang’s…activities and disposes of any bodies that might be lying about, though he’s also brought along if they’re trying to intimidate. He’d rather not fight if he can help it, but he’s great in a pinch. He has three younger brothers living in the country that he utterly adores and would talk about for hours if he could. He’s pretty much the only decent cook among the bunch.

FUNFACT: He has a cat named Bluebell. Blue for short.

Finley Sheppard

Finley Sheppard
Age: 26
Height: 5’8
Occupation: Ex Soldier, Dirty Cop
Appearance: Fit. Tanned skin, short, messy light brown hair, stubbly. Dark blue eyes.

Growing up on the streets is never easy. Growing up on the streets and not knowing what’s going on with your body is arguably worse. Since he could remember Finley had been on his own, stealing what he could, when he could to survive. One day though, a weird, vaguely familiar scent caught his attention. He followed the scent, and came across the leader of the Lucciano family. Picking up on the boy’s possible potential, and feeling a pang of sympathy for his plight, he took the boy under his wing. Finley suddenly had a family, and a place to call home. Determined to prove his devotion to his new family, he threw himself fully into every task asked of him without complaint, and excelled. The years passed and as things were fairly peaceful at home, he joined the army, hoping to better himself. While there, however, he suffered an immense tragedy and returned home as soon as he was able, never looking back and refusing to talk about what transpired with anyone. When things started to get bloody with the other gangs, and risked spilling out into the open, he joined the police force. It’s easier to cover things up from the inside, after all…

Even with the death of his surrogate father, and brother, his loyalty has never faltered, and he’d happily take a bullet for any single member of the family.

"FUNFACT?"*: He used to be a soldier, but for some reason he doesn’t want to talk about that…wonder what happened…also he likes dogs a lot.

Rita Hall

Rita Hall
Age: Mid-Twenties
Height: 5’5ish
Occupation: “Doctor”
Appearance: Pale skin, short, ridiculously fluffy blond hair, so light it’s nearly white. Large light blue eyes.

Friendly and compassionate, what she may lack in experience she more than makes up for in bedside manner. She’s not much of a fighter, but she looks after the physical and emotional needs of the group diligently. Many in the group view her as a sort of little sister who needs protecting, to her annoyance. She probably has the least amount of experience with gang politics.

**FUNFACT:**She loves driving and will take any opportunity to do so, also, she wanted to be a vet initially, but animals don’t really seem to like her.

Roderick Hopper

Roderick Hopper
Age: Late twenties-Early Thirties
Height: 5’9
Occupation: Demolitions expert
Appearance: Very pale skin, short slicked back black hair, dark eyes. Scar across his nose. Various small burn scars across his body.
As the only child of an impoverished family, life for Roderick was rough. At a young age he started working with his father as a laborer. It was hard work and the pay was minimal, but he did find some small amount of enjoyment from the simplicity of it, and the fact that it let him stretch certain muscles that living in the city, didn’t tend to get stretched.
As time passed the financial situation his family was in never fully stabilized, and his father developed an alcohol and gambling addiction, further adding to problems. He often confronted him about it, but things would always end in blows. After a chance encounter with Lucciano family, and his father’s sudden ‘disappearance’ he moved himself and his mother deeper into the city, and started working for them full time. It started off as odd jobs, the occasional robbery, shakedown, or re-enforcing territory boarders. As things started getting rougher, and more fights started breaking out, he developed an interest in explosives. He quickly became adept at creating and using them, making himself an even more useful member of the group, though he didn’t escape completely unscathed. He loves children and animals and is likely to lash out if wither are put in harms way.

FUNFACT: He has a romantic streak a mile wide. If you manage to win him over, be prepared for a lot of sweet nothings, poetry, romantic dinner dates, and nights in. :wink:

Jenna Malone

Jenna Malone
Age: Looks 25
Height: 5’6
Occupation: ???
Appearance: Curvy, light skin, long wavy red hair, freckles, golden brown eyes, ever present flirty smile.

She is not a werewolf. That’s all I’ll say on that for now. Beautiful and charming, she’s got all the men (or, well, most of them) wrapped around her fingers. Information is easy to gather when you know how to get it, and if someone overhears the location of a rival’s latest score…well, these things happen. She’s an agent of chaos, gathering information, spreading rumors, whatever is needed she’ll do with a smile.


  • Mafia!
  • Gangsters!

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Mafia! Werewolves in pinstrip suits!!!


Not gonna lie, that’s the first thing that popped into my head as well. :relaxed:


Modern gangbangers with brutal brawling.


Also what I was thinking. :slight_smile:

Whelp. Either way.

Werewolves=Automatic Awesome.


But werewolves in the Roarin’ 20s?! It can be the Howlin’ 20s!


Werewolf Fangsters


Wolf On Wall-wait. That’s trademarked.


But what about hot bad werewolves on big motorbikes?! Wolf bike gangs and leather jackets!
Bringing bad back, baby awooooo!


… You have my attention. Please continue.

Though that’s more 1950’s gangs than modern day.


Oh, but since I’m on a roll today of just saying whatever stupid thing comes to mind?

Werewolves are WEREWOLVES. People are going to think I’m just being shitty, but just what I think. Werewolves are not a good representation of whatever racial issues and blah blah blah.

Werewolves are nigh invincible creatures(in most modern fiction) that run faster than cars and can bend metal with their bare hands while being immortal.

If you’re going around thinking that there’s X kind of group being able to do that, you’re either wildly misinformed…or…I’m sorry. You’re just stupid.

Also, why I don’t feel like X-men should be a representation of gay rights. Gay people don’t have laser vision and the power to melt cities.

It’s okay to be afraid of a group when you know…they actually CAN take kill just about everybody not like them if they really wanted.

:open_mouth: How dare you. I just have bad eyesight.


Ooh maybe my werewolf mc is just reeeeally behind the time in fashion and still thinks pompanodours are hip with the kids.

“What do you mean I can’t join you! I’m threatening enough!” says the big fuzzy wolf with a very noticeable unicorn of hair sticking out and undersized sunglasses

I instantly thought of this guy

But I didn’t know I need a handsome werewolf boyfriend on a motorcycle so bad until now?!


Don’t we all need one in our lives?

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I can add a motorcycle or two. xD

If you guys have any questions or anything hit me, it’ll help me puzzle things out anyhow.

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Do the police know about it? Do they have a kind of special task force lead by a ragtag group of misfits to put a stop to it?

Or does nobody believe it and it’s a bizarre case of mysteries that one spunky young detective must solve while the Government Group People take over their investigation?

What about in-group hierarchy? Will that be a thing too? Is there a sort of power struggle with other species too or are werewolves the dominant/only ones there?

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So I’m gonna be the one to ask? What about ROs?

Also will we pick which gang we go with?

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