Wolf Pack Series


So I’m starting a new Choice of Games/Hosted Games game called Wolf Pack. It’s a multi-game series, starting with Omega.
The planned games are Omega, Delta, Beta,Alpha, & possibly a separate Loner game that can be played from certain points in each game except Alpha.
Still have a rough idea for each game, but Omega is mostly planned out.
In Omega (the one I’m working on), you start out as a pup, born to a she-wolf that had been the Alphas mate until it was thought she was barren. After moving into the Delta’s den, she discovers she’s having pups and has you and your siblings.
Being an Alpha’s pup but not born to either Alpha at the time, you are considered a “false pup” and are banished to live as an Omega in another pack. However, you may rise through the ranks.
In Omega, you witness one of your new packs Betas murder another wolf in cold blood, and you must either prove what happened, die trying, or escape the pack before the murderous Beta catches you, as he knows you saw.
This is based off a book series I’m writing, but what you do in the game will not go along with the book. It’s just in the same universe/world.

Will be looking for any tips and tricks for this game!


It’s sounds good do we get to choose are gender and our relationship to our siblings and if we get into a fight gets scars


You can choose gender, but pelt & eye color depend on gender.
There are 2 planned mates depending on which pack your in, but none for loners yet.
As for your siblings, I’m not sure yet. You do run into them later, but I’m not sure what will happen just yet.
As for scars…I’m not sure how to do that just yet. I’ve played around with this scripting program before trying to make a game, but this this the first I’ve touched it in months & I’m still new to it (I know how to do certain things, but not have inventory, body marks, multiple pups/kids, ect).
I’ve been reading the basic tutorial just to get used to the program again, but as I get more comfortable with it, I’ll start doing more advanced stuff like scars or something.