Deep In the Forest [WIP]

You are an omega wolf who just joined the pack, Sinister Valley. They are the strongest pack in Karllow forest. You joined the pack less then a month ago yet you know nothing of your past. You demand answers but the alpha refuses you to know nothing… No pack member is allowed to cross east river which borders the territory of Sinister Valley and their rival pack Crimson Hollow…

So this is an idea I had for a CoG but I never had the time to work on it. There’s way more things I missed to point out in the summary but there’s more to it trust me. I don’t know if I should try this out, I have the intro written out and I’ve sketched some characters but I really want to hear from all of you! If you have ideas to make it better go ahead and tell me! If you have a character you would like to suggest tell me I’m all ears!! If you post a character don’t forget to add the color eyes, fur, personality, name, past, and rank of the wolf!


First comment!..I’m sorry what was this about again?

seriously sounds cool though

Lol it’s you becoming an omega wolf and joining one of the strongest packs and you know nothing about yourself but the alpha of your new pack seems to know everything about you but refuses to tell you. There’s more to it.

sounds like a good idea

Thank you :smiley:

so are these like werewolves or heavily pesonified wolves

There will be werewolves I’m actually thinking of letting the player choose whether you want to be a werewolf or a regular wolf.

Ok I can’t draw worth a damn but I might try to submit a character Idea (no drawings) later you mind?

Sure I don’t mind at all you don’t need to draw it, it’s cool.

Blazing Emerald green eye (emphasis on eye)
Silver fur
Bristly personality, likes to brood and be away from others, but he can’t stand to see another get hurt. He’s seen too many die to take the weight of a life lightly. He was a orphan for a good couple of years till he was picked up by the pack because of his fighting prowess. He quickly went up through the ranks after loosing one eye to an enemy which seemed to make him only the smarter and stronger till he soon rose to one of the highest ranks possible without becoming a leader and it one of the best battle tacticians the pack has. He is one of your friends surprisingly.
Btw this seems to be going in the same vein as Watership Down is it going to be like that?

I’ve never heard of Watership Down actually lol and funny thing I had a character similar to yours in my head I’ll sketch him out and see how it turns out!! :smiley:

If your trying to make something like this you NEED to read Watership Down you’ll see why I say that if you do.

Luckily I’m heading to the library tomorrow lol.

Oh, not that it’s exactly the same but the “Warriors” series might help, as well as maybe some of the Redwall series by Brian Jaques even though it isn’t in the same exact vein it’s somewhat similar to Watership Down and Warriors in that the main characters are animals, besides for the fact that they are all good reads.

Thank you for the help I’ll make sure to check these books out anything can help right? You wouldn’t happen to know how to upload photos on DB on an iPhone would you?..

fur: Black
Eyes: blue with a yellow center (changes to yellow center grows when angry.)
Personality Generally friendly and not at all dominant but will fight back if pushed to far. Though one of the kindest and talkative members of the pack he has a tendency to go into insane frenzies during battle were he indiscriminately kills all in his path he perceives as a threat to those few he deeply cares about and is seemingly unaffected by the deaths of all others even in his pack. He is one of the younger members who was brought into the pack 4 years ago at the age of 13 after he killed a rouge pack beta that sought to devour him after eating the rest of his family while they slept along east river.He is considered a pup and since he is generally passive an weary of battle he is often the bud of every joke even his own despite his skill when provoked.

Yes I would actually, click the plus sign on the top right and then click upload here when the window pops up. After clicking that it’ll take you to your photos to select what to upload.

@817819 I really like this character but I have some questions like, when you mean werewolf would Sparrow change into his human form in the game or constantly stay a werewolf? So when I sketch him I can sketch a human form as well.

@Headhunter180 Thank you!!! I’m not thinking tonight, I’ll upload links for the 2 characters in the morning, I’m finishing up Vauyrn and shall start on Sparrow tonight.