Blood For Poppies (Public Beta Test Now Live! Game Complete! 10/9/20)

Blood For Poppies

You live in apartment 808. For as long as you can remember you have had wings, but you can’t fly. They are pitiful, broken things made of bone and shredded skin stitched together. You aren’t allowed to leave the 8th floor of the Summerset Apartment Complex, and the only people you are in contact with are the other freaks of the 8th floor and your mysterious benefactor, Doctor. Doctor has cared for you for as long as you can remember…

BFP is a semi-horror/psychological game. It is a game about entrapment and the lingering effects of trauma on people and relationships. The game revolves around the relationships you build (or do not build) with your fellow freaks, and it is possible to have romantic relationships.

Notes about content: This game may provoke feelings of unease, discomfort, and anxiety, especially in those dealing with traumatic experiences. This game contains emotional and physical violence. Death is ever-present.

Right now, the word count is about 190,000 words.

Public Betatesting Now Live!
Game Link (Updated 2/13/21)

Blood for Poppies is fully written and ready for public beta! Oh boy! Come and break my game! As always, thanks for the support, and I hope you folks have fun playing this.

  • I created a guide. Download via DropBox here: Dropbox - BFP Endings Guide.pdf - Simplify your life. This guide details how to attain all endings in the game. It is not a complete guide to all choices in the game, but it does cover many of the major choices. It is full of spoilers, but will be helpful for giving betatesters a frame of reference for how the story is supposed to play out (in case things go wrong).

  • @LacetheDisgrace and @Farside are the same person; I switched accounts after a long hiatus. I rarely check my @Farside account. I know this has caused some confusion and has likely contributed to rumors that BFP is still dead! Tell everyone that BFP lives!

  • You may report bugs either via this thread or through private message to @LacetheDisgrace . Whichever is more comfortable for you.

  • When reporting bugs, please be sure to include a screenshot of the error so that I know exactly where in the game to look. Windows comes with a “snipping tool” that’s useful for this purpose.

  • General suggestions for improvement, criticism, and detailed feedback are also welcome. If you simply have an idea that you think would be cool, please share with me! I can’t promise to implement every single suggestion along these lines, but I welcome them nonetheless.

Changelog for 11/21/20 Update

*This update adds around +5000 words or so. The word count is now around 184,000.

  • It was before possible for an MC to sustain several romances at once, which is fine but isn’t properly accounted for in the story. Now if the MC asks Kel or Ashton to start a romantic relationship while they’re with someone else, they will respond appropriately. These interactions are kinda cute. Fun little stuff. Y’know, a distraction from the crushing existential despair.

  • I expanded the chats in Chapter 5. No more one line responses that were pretty much filler/placeholders (because I was tired)! Around 3,000 words of content added here, maybe more. As always, you won’t see all of this in one playthrough since the chats change depending on the MC’s relationship with each character.

  • Fixed an error in Chapter 5. If the MC chooses to “chat with Carmelle”, her chats weren’t properly cycling. Now her chats will cycle properly, allowing the MC to see all of her possible conversations.

  • Fixed a continuity error involved in the path in which the MC becomes Doctor’s heir and resumes Doctor’s work in Chapter 6. This continuity error also affects the path in Chapter 6 where the MC and Poppy work together on mad science. Even if the MC previously destroyed the machine, the text acted as if the MC had not destroyed it. This is fixed. The narrative now recognizes the MC destroying the machine. Before the MC (or the MC and Poppy) may resume conducting mad science, they must first rebuild the machine. Further, the MC may now enlist Kel’s help in this task…if he’s alive. Substantial content has been added here.

  • Alyce will no longer appear on the stat screen before the MC meets her in Chapter 3.

Changelog for pre-11/9/20 Updates

  • I altered character creation at the beginning of Chapter 1 to allow the player to input their own skin, hair, and eye colors. This is a simple change requested a long time ago, but it’s important since the measly descriptors I originally included in the game are hardly able to encapsulate the whole of human appearance. Have anime hair! Go wild!

  • I added relationship endings for MCs who ultimately die. This means that the other freaks (Carmelle, Kel, Ashton, Alyce, and even Poppy) will visit the MC on their deathbed. These are just a bit sad, but hopefully give a sense of closure to the dying MC’s narrative.

  • In Chapter 6, an MC who escaped in Chapter 5 is able to return to the apartment. The MC may return with Haroldson and Calvin. If Poppy is alive, then there will be a scene where she talks to Haroldson and Calvin. Previously, there was no closure if Doctor is either alive or in the machine. This has been corrected. There are now special scenes if the MC meets the right requirements.

  • I’ve implemented a save system, at least for ease while beta-testing. Whenever this thing becomes a hosted game, I’m not sure if the save system will still be appropriate. As I understand, COG seems to have its own save system. I used CJW’s save system (ChoiceScript Saving Plugin (Update: Sept. 2019)). It’s awesome!

  • Shout out to @DashingDon for a great hosting site.

  • There is a mechanism that allows you to skip the first two chapters of the game and go directly to chapter 3. However, keep in mind it may be possible to set certain stats that aren’t actually possible using normal gameplay. I certainly don’t recommend using it if you haven’t played the first few chapters already.

  • The stat formerly known as “Manipulated” renamed “Malleable”. Manipulated is too easily mixed up with its opposite (Manipulative) due to how similar the words sounds.

  • This change was made at the good advice of @War_Doctor. In chapter 2, Carmelle’s second proposal to the MC used to have no substantial followup. I’ve expanded this choice to include new content and scenes for MCs who pursue this path. This new content diverges depending on whether the MC made a deal with Carmelle, or the MC decided that they should instead be in charge of the deal. During chapter 2, the game will prompt you to make a choice about what you do during the day. Select the choice: Speak to Carmelle about your plans.

Lastly, here’s a link to the site I formerly intended to be a hub for my creative works. However, it hasn’t been updated in years. I include it only because I’ve received some kick ass fanart for BFP that I include in a gallery. It deserves to be seen! Link:


Seems interesting so far, look forward to reading more!

I really like it! The writing conveys the tone and mystery of the piece well. There’s an underlying sense of surrealism that I’m liking. My main complaint is that the stats don’t really seem to play into anything. I look forward to more.

An intriguing game so far. I look forward to more. :slight_smile:

There’s a few grammar errors, but nothing too serious.

If you don’t mind can you point out some of the more obvious grammar errors you come across or remember? Thanks, everyone!

This is essentially a first draft, so all feedback is helpful. So far I think I need to make stats affect the game more and proofread.

Didnt see any spelling errors or errors with the programing. I want to learn more about the women that looks like me, and have some more…time with Ashton :wink: He is my favorite not me character. Didnt look at states, dont even know what they could be but I want to see where this goes

Thanks for the feedback, @Antitorpiliko. You can be friends with Ashton as both a male and female character but a romance is strictly for male characters. Carmelle is for male and female characters. Kel is for females. It doesn’t quite work out, but I like it much better than Dragon Age II’s “EVERYONE IS BISEXUAL” system.

Weird, creepy, and interesting.

I’ve never seen anything like it, and I absolutely love it! Though Doctor is probably the most disturbing character I’ve ever come across… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to more interactions with Kel.

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In your code, you had this:

	#Help him.
		*set ashton + 1
		You keep trying to drag the chains off of him, but you find that for every one you remove, two more multiply. You keep at your doomed task, even as he sinks into the ground beneath your fingers, dragged by the chains that cover every inch of his body.
		He leaves a few words. "Doctor made us."
		*goto next
	#Leave him.
		He's dragged into the earth, disappearing into the dirt, the fog consuming him bit by bit. Suddenly--
		*goto next

Tell me… how did you make it so that you can write commands in a *fake_choice ?


I have no idea. I’ve done it several times, and for me it simply worked, or seems to work. It could be a flaw in the new Choicescript, and I’ll probably need to change it before the new version comes out lest my game not work anymore. The reason I would use *fake_choice is because I would intend to have it not have commands, but then I would simply change my mind and write it as if it was *choice.

How did you get to my code, anyway? I’m just curious. I didn’t know that could be done.


Thanks! The intention was to be creepy, horrific and oppressive. Doctor’s the villain so I had to make him creepy as Hell, haha.

I really liked it and I can’t wait for more! Especially more interactions with carmelle :slight_smile:

Great story so far.

“Wings stretch from your back, but there is nothing majestic about them.”

That’s such a great line.

By the way, you can see code from any online game by ending the game url as so: /mygame/mygame.js which shows all scene names. Then you replace that with /mygame/scenes/scenename.txt to the game URL for each scene.



Yeah, Carmelle is going to show up more, especially if the player chose to make a deal with her. Glad you liked it!


Thanks. That means a lot considering I’m a fan of your work on Zombie Exodus.

And thanks for the tip.

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I really love the game so far. It’s nice to read, and fun to interact with the characters. My favorite so far is Ashton. I look forward to more interactions with him.

can i be friends with ashton while not romancing him

Will there be any more interaction with the outside world? When Kel mentioned the kids who snuck in to get high I got excited at the prospect of messing with them, but that scene was a bit on the short side sadly.

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Thanks! I love character-driven narratives myself, so my game really reflects that.
Yes, you can be friends with any of the characters and not romance them. Romance is completely optional.
I was considering that a part of the story consists of the player escaping from the apartments and into the outside world, but right now the focus is on the mysterious woman/the player’s wings. I dare not say any more.

:open_mouth: this game is awesome

It would be interesting if one of the options was to try to interact with the two potheads without trying to terrify them…