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Thanks, @Talon5505. I am working on the issue that was mentioned in the WIP thread of some of the dialogue being forced (because it is). I feel like I’m getting better every time I work on this thing, but it’s so huge and I’m SUCH a disorganized person. Ugghhhhh.


Don’t worry Farside. Ya always got me as a fan.


you come up with great ideas i think you should be made a mod


and farside you got me as a fan too


@akatsuki9344, thank you. I appreciate it. If you have a facebook page you can always join me here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blood-for-Poppies-Choice-of-Games/578660995495254 This’ll declutter some of the discussion in the WIP thread. :slight_smile:

Which game are you planning to do next, @Talon5505? Are you going to do this on a weekly/monthly/whatever basis?


Most likely Empowered. Possibly ZE. Hoping to do this 1-2 Times a week.


what is this?


@Roslyn_samalt06 there is another discussion that explains it


@Talon5505 shouldn’t there be a link to the other discussion?


While I really appreciate Empowered being included in your thought process, I am not sure that it is at any point to be being reviewed or competing, etc. It is extremely early in the development process, I am still working on developing the proper game mechanics, and the current functioning demo is oh so very short.

Now, you can review it if you like, I am just not certain that what is available currently is sufficient to judge what this game will be. Just my two cents :slight_smile:


Oh it’s not contests. I am just saying what makes our games great.


Okay, cool :slight_smile: I read what you wrote on the other thread, it was very nice. Thank you.


anyways you can also put a link to the game you are doing because if anyone has not played the game yet then they can play it.